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The Best DVD Copying Software reviewed

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 9, 2021

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DVDs were once the best way for freely watching movies and clips. They were light, easy-to-use, and very portable. As long as a place has a DVD player, users can freely watch whenever they want. Because of this, movie companies have even started to develop premium ones that offer previously unreleased content in the form of platinum, and gold editions which are a must-have for collectors. At its peak, DVDs were the bread and butter for a film night. Unfortunately, with the arrival of streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime, this is no longer the case.

What will happen to DVDs?

The main problem lies with the fact that there are less and less DVD copies of movies being made. Most of these have transitioned into streaming services considering that it is what people subscribe to nowadays. Because of this, users who may want to continuously watch their movies, especially those who have bought collector’s edition versions, may want to transfer their videos to a digital platform too. This is because DVDs are prone to be damaged especially when used a lot. This comes in the forms of scratches in the disk which may affect the video and the audio.

Dvd copying software

For this exact reason, DVD copying software is in demand. These are apps that are capable of copying the video content of a DVD. This allows users to keep a digital copy of the videos which they can freely play any time. This means that they do not need to be afraid of damaging the video even if they watch it repeatedly. Aside from this, software like this also comes with additional features to ensure maximum quality of video copying. This ensures that the copied video will be very similar to the video in the DVD.

Features to look for 

There are a lot of DVD copying software in the online market. These come in different brand names along with different features. Here are some that you must prioritize before choosing one:

  1. Quality of copying – The quality of the video that will be made from the DVD is the most important aspect the user should consider. A good video quality includes good audio, good frame-by-frame copying, and good color quality. It is also good if the original resolution of the video will be copied without issues as this can be the difference between an HD and a standard version DVD. This mostly relies upon the decryption strength of the application.

  2. Multiple video formats – The formats of the video determine which applications and gadgets can play it. Among all of these, the most common video formats include MP4, MKV, and AVI. The application used for converting the DVD into video should be capable of changing the format into one which would be compatible with the devices of the user. Aside from this, a good feature is also allowing videos that did not come from the DVD (can be from the hard drive of the USB) to also be converted into another file format for maximum usability of the application.

  3. Additional features – Most DVD copying applications are not only limited to copying videos from DVDs. Aside from this, they also have features such as allowing the user to edit the clips they copy, extracting the original menu from the DVD, and even allow them to burn the videos into other DVDs. These various features give more freedom for the user to change the videos that they copy and even enhance them in case some parts of it are not salvageable anymore by the application.

  4. Pricing – DVD copying applications also have varying prices depending upon its publisher. For users to be informed, they must first see the full features of the application. They must ensure that the price to quality ratio is good enough. Aside from this, there are also applications which offer discounts when bought with multiple copies which put the product at a lower price. Lastly, users must also have a way to have a reliable refund system in case they are not satisfied with the product. They must be able to receive their refund upon request.
Why would you need a dvd copying software?

DVD copying applications are most recommended for those who have a lot of DVDs at their home and want to watch these but do not want to risk damaging it. Aside from this, it is also recommendable for those who want to make the videos they have on DVD more portable. For example, it is a good thing for long drives for the video to already be stored digitally instead of having to use an actual DVD player as it can be damaged due to the unevenness of the road. Lastly, DVD copying applications are recommended for those who want to get rid of their DVDs but want to keep a copy of their content. Please take note, though, that we do not encourage privacy in our website. 

What are the most recommendable applications?

WinX DVD copy takes our top spot given its speed in copying DVD videos along with its high quality of copying. It has a good decryption software which can bypass most DVDs’ anti-piracy encryptions to allow good quality of copying.

Our second choice is the
DVD cloner that manages to be very easy to use for all users while having a good quality of copying.

Taking third place is the
Magic DVD Copier which places high because of its simple interface along with its fast speed of copying DVDs. It is also packed with reliable features that can enhance the video quality.