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The Top 10 Best DVD Copy Software

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 14, 2021

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DVD copy software is the solution for those who want to increase the lifetime of their DVDs. After all, these disks were once the common way to transfer videos for both commercial and personal purposes. Once, there were even collector’s editions that came with its own specials and limited-edition content which made it a worthwhile buy. With the arrival of video streaming giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, this is not the case anymore.

DVD copying software allows the user to make identical copies of the content of their DVD. This is important in preserving the videos stored in it as a DVD’s quality naturally decreases the more that it is used. By using this software, users can create a digital copy of the videos stored in the disk. These applications transfer the ISO files of the disk into the hard drive so that users can play them at any time they want.

1st place WinX DVD Copy

Winx DVD Copy takes our first spot because of its simplicity and the excellent quality of its copying. It has an integrated decryption software which can work through any DVDs that the user may want without damaging its data. It also has one of the fastest times for doing so, taking only 50 minutes upon our testing. The application can save the DVD as an ISO file in the hard drive. This can then transfer the file to another disc.

2nd place DVD Cloner

This application is one of the easiest to use and the friendliest for newer users. DVD Cloner got a great review and has a great quality of copying from any DVDs. It comes with a helpful menu and an intuitive interface which make users understand its features upon first usage. An advantage of the application is that it can move the files of a DVD onto a Blu-ray disc. Aside from this, the application is also a standout because of its advanced features such as the movie-only copying option.


3rd place Magic DVD Copier

We found this program values simplicity along with a good quality for copying. The application, although lacking in some features, makes up for it with excellent features and copying quality. The ouptut can be both a compressed and an uncompressed version of a DVD. The application can bypass modern ways of encrypting data in a DVD such as Sony, RCE, and Region which ensures that it can copy most DVDs. 


4th place XiliSoft DVD Copy

Xilisoft is a good choice for a DVD copier that has a good quality of copying along with standard features. It falls short on some additional features but still manages to be good because it contains all of the essentials. It has three types of copying namely Full, Custom, and Main Movie as to give users more options when copying from DVDs. The application lacks features for merging multiple DVDs in a single disk along with more splitting tools.

5th place DVDFab

The application is another one that is very easy to use because of its simple interface. It can duplicate most of the DVDs given its de-encryption functionalities. A notable feature of DVDFab is its virtual library which compiles all of the DVD image files that are stored in your computer. The application gives its options four modes of operating including Creator, Ripper, Copy, and Converter which are separate in terms of functionalities and features. When we did our DVDFab review we noted that it wasn't terrible at copying the data over, there were just better options available.

6th place 123 Copy

DVDFab is noted for its countless features that goes beyond simple DVD copying. It is a versatile application that can copy the video content of the DVD, create duplicates of it, and create an ISO copy of a DVD. The application has a good quality for copying videos which can then be transferred into other file formats good for console, smartphone, or PC.

7th place Leawo DVD Copy

Leawo DVD Copy has a good quality of copying along with a great set of features. It takes a lower spot in our list because of some missing advanced features such as being able to burn the copied video into another disc that can mostly be because the application is part of a bigger package of programs. Beside this, the application has a good quality for copying with its three modes which include Main Movie, Full Movie, and Custom. 


8th place 1 Step DVD Copy

The application has all the basic tools for copying movies from DVDs which makes it earn its spot in our list. Although it does not have advanced options, it manages to offer good quality for its features. This includes a copying time which can be as fast as 30 minutes which is faster than other applications. Aside from this, it also has a specific content copier which can help lessen the time for copying as users can deselect files that they won’t need.


9th place Tipard DVD Cloner

We found that Tipard DVD Cloner places lower in our list because of the lower quality of video it creates when creating one for a smaller disc. While some distortion of quality for video copying is expected when made for a lower file size, the application had the worst when compared to other applications. On the other hand, the application is great for copying DVDs for higher file sizes. It also has other standard features such as for creating a digital archive of the DVDs that the user has copied along with various copy modes.


10th place Aimersoft DVD Copy

The application earns its place at our list because of its reliability in copying videos from the DVD along with its standard features DVD copy softwares. However, the application has a lot of issues such as a low quality of video copying (seen through pixelation and image distortion). It manages to be a good app, though, because of its good quality for copying for double layered DVD-9. It also has a good decryption software for RCE, CSS, and RC encryption.



As we move further and further from physical media we might find that DVDs are going to be a thing of the past, but there is something to be said about having a physical copy of important data around. We still use external hard drives, usb keys, and other physical forms to hold data so why exclude the possibility of needing a DVD copying program. We find it is better safe than sorry and found that in our reviews of DVD copying software that there are still some really great programs around that will quickly copy and write the same quality that you started out with originally.