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Virtual Architect Ultimate Price and Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 4, 2021

Blue prints from a computer


Designing a home is a long and complicated process. It requires a lot of precise measurements, a solid vision of its design, and creativity. Because of this, many applications were made to aid the process and to make it easier to translate your ideas into actual designs. A good application recommended for many home designers, both professional and casual, is the home design app. This can be used to translate the blueprint into an actual 3D design that you can design with complete interior, color, and accurate lighting.

What is Virtual Architect Ultimate?

Virtual Architect Ultimate is a home design application that aims to be an easy tool for home design that still manages to create complicated designs for users. Currently in its 10th version, the application continues to improve its various features to transform the blueprint into an actual design with easy points and clicks. The application comes with a lot of wizards for its various tools to make it very beginner friendly. The application uses powerful 3D rendering in order to show the most realistic rendering at the end of every designing process. 


All about Virtual Architect Ultimate

The application is priced at $99.99. The application can be downloaded through their website. Here, users have three purchasing options. First, they can download the application directly. It also comes with the application named Virtual Architect Instant Makeover. Next, they can choose to have an Extended Download Period which allows you to go back to the website and download anytime within 2 years. Without it, they can only have access to its installer within 28 days. This requires an additional payment of $6.95. Lastly, users can also purchase an additional backup disc that will be shipped directly to them for an additional price of $9.95.

How to use the app

The application is straightforward for designing a home. As mentioned above, the application contains a lot of wizards for all of its parts. This tells you the exact purpose of each feature for users to instantly get familiar with them.

Users can start with a blueprint that they can incorporate into the application upon first using it. You can also use a template available in the application, so you won’t have to start from scratch.

The different features are placed intuitively in the application. Hovering your cursor over them gives you a short description of their usage. If you are familiar with CAD applications, using the app will be a breeze.

How to design your own dreams with the software?

Designing the indoors

After creating the walls, windows, doors, and the bare skeleton of the home, you can then start designing the indoors. For this, the application has a good number of objects in their library which you can use to follow a specific motif or inspiration in mind. They have specific objects for every room of the house such as the kitchen, bedroom, and more. With the application, users can also design the plumbing and electrical design of each part of the house to complete their design.

Designing the outdoors

The application also allows users to design the outdoors. This is to accommodate those that live in unique geographical locations. With this, you can also design the pool area, balcony, fences, and more. You can also complete the look by designing the garden. Here, you can have access to a plant encyclopedia that can teach you about the most strategic placement for having the best sunlight and irrigation for what you plant.  

Finalizing your design

Finally, the design that you’ve created can be rendered and fully shown using accurate lighting and colors provided by the application. This is the final result that will be shown to you. It allows a complete home design. This is a handy tool for showing your design to clients or for simply finalizing the home design that you’ve created.


Upon using, the application checks all the necessities of a home design and places it in a very intuitive and well-designed interface. You can easily drag and drop objects, design the walls of the home, and brighten up the outdoors. Although quite high in its price, it justifies it with its tools that contains enough guides and wizards for amateurs to understand while having features that many experienced users can take advantage of to create complex designs.

Virtual Architect Ultimate is a very good choice for those who want a solid home designing app. Its 10th version fixes most of its issues and makes everything simpler yet still capable of creating complex home designs.