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Best Home Design Software

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 7, 2021

Digital design


Home design applications are important for architects, engineers, and interior designers who want to see a realistic depiction of their blueprints. The designs can include the windows, doors, and roof up to the different furniture and gadgets stored in each room.


Our first choice – DreamPlan

The best home design program for us is DreamPlan, which is well known for its all-around approach for designing the house. It is built to have a library that can fill-up any room of the house. It also has intuitive controls that makes it easier to configure its different tools. With it, users can design each room of the house and also the outdoors. It is aimed to be used by both amateurs and experts of home design applications.

With it, users can go back and forth between a 2D and 3D view of the house to see the changes that happen when the design is tweaked. Translating a blueprint into an actual design is easy because of this tool. Putting measurements and selecting the perfect proportions for the different parts of the house is also very easy.

The application has dedicated furniture for every part of the house, from the rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. These also have dedicated texture and color selections that users can harmonize to make it easier to pair with each other. Users can also plan the plumbing of the house to give it a more accurate design.

Users can also download more packages from the website of the application for them to have more variations in terms of what they can add to each room of the house.

After creating the design of the house, users can then have a 3D tour of their final design. Here, they can look at the different rooms to see each part and to review the accuracy of their measurements. Users can also control the lighting of the design to make it look more accurate. The design of the application is high-quality and is good for presenting to customers. The final design can also be screenshotted and printed for you to display anywhere.

Another highlight of the application is its good design even if it is most compatible for most computers. This is because most applications tend to compromise the quality of its rendering just to be compatible with more PCs. The application can be run in computers even with only 512 RAM and only with a processor of Core 2 Duo which means that many users can use it.

Our second choice – Home Design 3D

The application was designed to be used even by home design hobbyists without much knowledge of it. This is made possible by its very simple interface that is capable of translating complex designs into realistic renditions. It was created by Chief Architect which is known to release high-rated applications on Amazon. They have designed the application to contain over 6,500 objects that can be displayed all throughout the house which is one of the most abundant compared to other applications. Users can also freely change the color and texture of these to make it match their vision. They can also create various sizes and shapes for this to make it more accurate to their vision.

Another highlight of the application is its outdoor design. With it, users can have access to over 1,500 plants that they can design their garden with. They also have a Hardiness Zone Map along with a library of information about these plants so that users can position them more strategically for better growth. They also have additional tools for designing the deck, patio, and site plans. These are also intuitive for changing the measurements which makes it very easy to use.

Upon opening the application, users will be given video tutorials where they can receive instructions about how to use the different features of the application. There is also free technical support given for users which makes their money worthwhile.

One of their best tools is their rendering mode. This lets you see the house in different angles to make it more presentable for taking photos of and for presenting it. Included in their different angles are elevations, night views, glass house, doll house, and more. This also makes it easy to plan the different measurements of each part of the house. Users can even tour the house with the use of VR goggles. It can also be viewed through their phone, through their PC, or through any web device. This makes it more convenient to view anywhere. The quality of the design is also unaffected by what device you are using.

Our third choice – Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is an excellent application that takes the third place in our list because of its simplicity which may be both a pro and a con for the application. It was developed by Anuman Interactive.

With it, users who do not have much knowledge with applications can create simple designs that can be viewed in both 2D and 3D. Users can simply translate their blueprint into an actual design by importing a sketch and then tracing it in the application as a background image.

With it, users simply need to drag and drop the different tools to incorporate into their design. Through a split screen, users can see instant changes from the blueprint to the actual design.

The application is also built to be used for both indoor and landscape design. Its indoor library contains up to 100 items which is one of the fewest compared to other applications. Most of these are basic tools that can be added to the living room, bathroom, and more. For the landscaping, users are given tools for fencing, decks, and patios. It also has sample designs from where users can base from.

It also has its own roof wizard that makes the otherwise tedious process of adding one easier for users.

The final rendering of the house is also good, containing a lot of textures and lighting options for users to try. This makes the final product more realistic and presentable. Compared to other applications, Sweet Home 3D has one of the most modern designs that we have seen which makes final designs better. They have a more minimalist and simple approach to home designing which some may prefer.

Final thoughts on digital design software

As technology continues to evolve so do our abilities to customize and edit buildings in the digital world.  Gone are the days of requiring huge blue prints to try to picture what your building might look like, and here are the days where we can modify everything with the simple double click of a mouse.  We have looked, and played around with, many of the best software titles on the market today and have found that when we did our dreamplan home design software review we found the clear and concise winner within this niche of software. If you are thinking about doing renovations we suggest taking a look at it as for a pretty low price you have the ability to really customize everything you can think of.