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BestReviewGuides guide to finding the right home design software for you

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 21, 2021

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Having to stay at home for your study or work could be quite boring and even frustrating. No matter how much you love your own house, looking at the same walls every day would slowly stress you out. So what to do about it? Well, you might want to give home remodeling a try. 

After all, small, incremental changes would surely alter the whole atmosphere of your house. Besides, thanks to home design software, you could pretty much design your own remodeling project by yourself nowadays. Keep reading our guide to find out who we think has the best home design software right now.

What is home design software?

As the name implies, home design software is a tool that would help you with your home remodeling, planning, and other types of home construction projects. No matter the scale of your building, home design software would help you realize your own unique vision.

To make it as accessible as possible to every user, most home design software was developed to be straightforward and easy to use. They are also equipped with tons of features that would allow you to experiment with your design as much as you want.

The best home design software and its features
  1. DreamPlan

One of the biggest advantages of DreamPlan compared to other software in this list is the fact that it is very easy to use. DreamPlan is the most beginner-friendly home design software in the market right now.

Features of DreamPlan. Creating floor plans in 3D view, custom colors & textures, furniture and appliances library, landscaping, plants library, easy to add and remove walls, and many more. What's even better, DreamPlan is also very affordable and if you are still not sure whether to use it or not, then you can try its Free Version.


  1. Home Designer Suite

Contrary to DreamPlan, Home Designer Suite was designed for experienced users. It offers lots of advanced features that will give its users the true freedom to customize every little detail of their designs. 

Features of Designer Suite. Lots of design templates, a house assistant to assist you when designing, a library consisting of thousands of furniture and appliances, multiple views to see your final projects, 3D rendering, real-world cost estimation, color and texture customization, smart walls and roofs, and lots of others.


  1. Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is another home design software that was designed with beginners in mind. It is both easy to use and equipped with powerful features to help you tackle your remodeling project. 

Features of Sweet Home 3D. Simple drag and drop design, drawing building plans in 2D, creating walls and rooms from scratch or existing images, color and texture customization, furniture and appliances library, creating a photorealistic rendition of your design, exporting the design in multiple formats, etc. 


  1. Total 3D Landscape and Deck Premium

Similar to Home Designer Suite, Total 3D Landscape and Deck Premium are also created for advanced users who know what they do and have a clear view of what they want to achieve.

Features of Total 3D Landscape and Deck Premium. Thousands of floor samples and home plans, massive furniture and appliances library, drag and drop smart walls and rooms, landscape and deck wizards, 3D decorations and furnishing, lots of video guides and tutorials, and many more.


  1. Punch Home Design and Landscape Design Essential

Punch Home Design and Landscape Design Essential strike a very good balance by offering great features that could be beneficial for advanced users yet still easy enough to be used by beginners.

Features of Punch Home Design and Landscape Design Essential. 40+ sample plans and templates, enhanced 2D floor plan creator, thousands of furniture and appliances library, thousands of different vegetation items, easy landscaping tools, PhotoView, and lots of other useful features. 


  1. TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro

TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro aim at the same balance as Punch Home Design and Landscape Design Essential. The difference is TurboFloorPlan focuses a bit more on novice users. 

Features of TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro. Drag and drop individual rooms to jump-start your floor plan, numerous customizable floor plans, design from imported images, auto framing, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing plans, furniture and appliance library, hundreds of video guides, and many more.


  1. Punch Home Design and Landscape Premium

If the essential version of Punch Home design is for both beginners and advanced users alike, then this premium version is geared more towards new users.

Features of Punch Home Design and Landscape Premium. Library for furniture and appliances, color and texture customization, kitchen and bathroom wizards, 2D and 3D visualizations, landscape, and decks wizards, editable professionally designed floor plans, and lots of others.


  1. Total 3D Home Design Deluxe

Compared to other home design software in this list, Total 3D Home Design Deluxe is a very stripped-back tool loaded only with the bare essential features. While experienced users may find it inadequate, beginners would surely appreciate its straightforward approach.

Features of Total 3D Home Design Deluxe. Drag and drop to create complex rooms, furniture library, sample floor plans, pre-made room templates, easy-to-understand interface, affordable price, and lots of other features. 


  1. TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Deluxe

While the previous TurboFloorPlan is for experienced users and novice alike, this deluxe version is specially made for beginners. That's why it has a more user-friendly interface but fewer features than the previous entry.

Features of TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Deluxe. 40+ sample floor plans, drag and drop rooms, furniture and appliances library, switching between 2D and 3D view, thousands of landscape and decks objects, lots of video tutorials, and many other features.


  1. Virtual Architect Ultimate

Although it sits at the last place in this list, Virtual Architect Ultimate still manages to offer some great home design features aimed towards novice users.

Features of Virtual Architect Ultimate. Nine floor templates, customize imported floor plans, library of furniture and appliances, kitchen and bathroom wizards, easy roof wizards, customize fabrics and material, cost estimator, export design in various formats, and also lots of other useful features.


In this day and age, a decent computer and the right software would help you achieve wondrous things. One of the things that it could do is designing your own home remodeling projects. But before you sink hundreds of hours using the first home design software that you could find, you should consider getting one that is mentioned in this list. You won't go wrong with either one of them.

Because even the brand with the lowest position in this list would offer more functionality than any other brand out there that couldn't make it to this list. But if you want the best of the best, then you could simply choose from between the top three and use the one that is most suitable for you.