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Dreamplan Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 25, 2021

Digital blueprint of a house on a tablet


A home design software is a handy tool for translating a blueprint into a digital design. The home can be displayed with doors, windows, and furniture, all with their appropriate measurements. This makes it handy for designing homes and presenting them. After designing your layout, you can render it complete with appropriate lighting, texture for the different parts, and more. These applications are complete with sets of appliances, gadgets, and furniture to make it as accurate as possible. By simply clicking and dragging, users can do this very easily.

What is DreamPlan?

DreamPlan is a popular home design software that allows you to make digital mock ups and modify blueprints. It was designed by NCH Software. Founded in 1933 in Australia. Aside from DreamPlan, they have also designed other apps like Wavepad Sound Editor, Videopad Video Editor, and Prism Video Converter. DreamPlan is offered in both a Mac and a PC version.


Features of DreamPlan design

DreamPlan is designed very simply and intuitively. With it, users can navigate through the different building tools and lay them in their design. With it, users can design in between 2D and 3D modes shih they can frequently interchange between. This is for translating the blueprint into an actual design.

To see the full design of your house, users are given a 360-degree view of their plans so that they can envision having a house tour inside it. From here, they can observe the tiniest details for them to be more accurate in their designs.

The different parts of the house are given specific fixtures and appliances to make it good for interior designing. This includes the bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and more. For this, users have access to a library that is filled with content that is inspired from different themes such as minimalist, rustic, and more. Aside from this, users can also customize the different colors and textures of these so that you can have a more accurate design. Users can also add different packages to increase their options such as the leisure package and the kid room package.

Users can also download more objects that are available in their online library to expand their options within the application.

One of the common complaints about home design applications is the roof building tool which is usually hard to use. DreamPlan has its own roof wizard as a solution for this. This can help automatically cover the parts of the house where a roof is used without the need for manual measurements and configurations that is often a cause of headache for many users.

One of the highlights of the application is their landscaping tools that is very easy to use. Planning to build an outdoor hut, gazebo, or walkway is done easily through the application. It also has a wizard for creating a pool that is easy to use.

In case you need to take breaks between creating your designs, users can simply save their projects and move to a new one or return to it later.

Users can also take a snapshot of the designs that they are creating so that they can print it.

Free version

The application also has a free version that can be downloaded on Amazon. Here, users are given some basic features that they can use for their design. To expand these, they would have to purchase a full license. When we did our review of DreamPlan we did use the fully licensed product and it was a big difference over the free trial. So if you are using the free trial please ensure you keep this in mind as it does not paint a true picture of everything they offer.

System Requirements

The application is available for most computers. It only requires only the minimum requirements. It is available for processors with Core 2 Duo and above, at least 512 MB RAM, a hard disk space of 20 MB, and a 64 MB video card that can support Pixel Shader 2.0. It can be supported by Windows computers starting from XP up to 10 along with Mac computers.