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Home Designer Suite Amazon Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 11, 2021

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Home Designer Suite is a design application developed by Chief Architect Software. The company is also known for releasing other design apps such as Home Designer Pro and Home Designer Architectural. Home Designer Suite is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. The application is known for its well-designed interface that users can instantly get comfortable with. Even with its abundance of features, users can learn how to use the application in a couple of days. The application is also sold at a good price that is friendly for its users.

Amazon rating

Currently, the application has a score of 4 out of 5 stars from a total of 205 ratings. This shows a good performance from the application. They also have good scores for value for money, learning curve, and features. Overall it shows that the home design software has a good review.

Good reviews

One of the most complimented parts about the application is ease of usage. Users can get comfortable with it in only a short while. This is especially true if they are already familiar with CAD applications. The ratings gave praise towards the design of the interface which properly displayed the different features while properly guiding the user through each of them. This made it easier to navigate through the application. 

The application is said to be one of the friendliest especially for amateurs and for hobbyists who want to design homes for leisure. This is because adding walls, windows, and doors is a breeze. There are also a lot of informative tutorial videos at the start of the application which can help users be familiar with the application instantly. 

Next, the abundant library of the application was also praised. Here, users can simply browse through the different gadgets, appliances, and furnishings and then drop it to the room where it will be displayed. Some of these come from famous brands to make it as accurate as possible when displayed. This makes the application especially useful for interior designers.

Another compliment about the application was its fast performance. Even on mid-range computers, the application was able to run seamlessly and with barely any frame skipping. Running a full simulation of the completed house design was also hassle-free which is important for presenting the final design to clients. 

Not so good reviews

One of the negative reviews about the application was its limit of usage for only one computer at a time. This may be annoying for those who plan to use the application for their office and on their homes later on. 

Another complaint was the need for the application to be constantly connected to the internet for the best performance. When used offline and reconnected, users need to re-register the application which is a big hassle for some. 

There were also complaints about the abundance of marketing email sent by the application which is annoying for some. But overall we found it to be one of the better programs if you are looking for a computer based home design piece of software.