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Home Designer Suite PC Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 9, 2021

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Virtual architect applications are used to translate blueprints into a realistic rendition that is complete with paints, textures, fixtures, and measurements. This can serve as the canvas of the engineer, architect, or interior designer and also as a means for presenting their final design to their clients. These applications are packed with different tools to make this possible such as tracing tools, 2D and 3D modes, and the likes. 

What is Home Designer Suite PC?

Home Designer Suite is an application that was founded in the late 90’s in Idaho by Chief Architect. They primarily focused on creating software for home design. These are aimed towards architects, builders, home enthusiasts, and interior designers. Their other popular products include Home Designer Pro and Home Designer Architectural. It is the main priority of the company to provide easily accessible tools while providing a lot of objects to configure with at the same time.

Features of Home Designer Suite

For home design, the application is packed with a lot of tools made for easy yet powerful designing. These are mostly catered towards industry standards to make it easier to configure the application upon first usage. In fact, the application already has several templates that users can choose to accommodate their home design. These templates range in terms of specific design inspirations, number of rooms, and motifs to make it more accessible for more users. 

Upon opening the application, users can be advised by the built-in House Assistant which can help them be familiarized with the room layout and planning. These can be done in both 2D and 3D at the same time. This makes it easy to translate the blueprint into an actual design and to see the changes you make be instantly visualized. 

Included in their different building tools are framing, foundations, dimensions, and terrain. Users are also given an automatic roof generator that makes it easier to cover parts of the house without the need for very specific measurements. While doing specific changes for the application, users are given an estimate of the different costs of the designs that they have put. 

Changing the walls of the house is very easy as users only need to click and drag. Putting exact measurements is also easy. 

The designs that you create in the application can be accessed through the web, tablets, or through mobile phones. Whe we did our review of Home Designer Suite we were really impressed by the quality of program and all their features.

Library features

One of the best parts about Home Designer Suite is its very diverse and abundant objects library which contains over 6,000 items. These can also be expanded further by downloading online tools to make it more specific for your design. These can simply be dragged and dropped from the library to insert it into the house design. 

The different objects and parts of the house such as countertops, floors, and walls can easily be painted and given texture using the Material Painter.

They also have a lot of specific products available in the market that you can insert in your design such as Cultured Stone, Jenn-Air Appliance, and Behr Paints. Aside from giving it a more accurate look, this also helps you calculate the total cost of building the house.

Design Rendering

To give life to the design and to prepare it for showcasing, users are given a lot of options for the rendering of the design. Here, users are given 360 degrees for the view. These can also be accessed with the use of Virtual Reality goggles to make it more immersive for viewing. 

While designing, users are also given a lot of viewing options such as Night, Doll House, Glass House, Final View, and Elevations to make it easier to maneuver through the house.