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NCH DreamPlan Amazon Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 25, 2021

Digital house design


DreamPlan is a home design software designed by NCH Software. The application is designed to be easily used because of its simple layout, the wizard it offers for its features, and its fast performance. Both experienced users and newer ones can instantly be familiar with the application as designed by the developers. Included in the tools that can be used from the application is the tracing tool, 2D and 3D design mode, landscaping tools, and more. The interior of the house can also be designed with countless objects, appliances, and gadgets that are made for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more.

Current Amazon rating

Currently, the application has a rating of 3/5 stars in Amazon which shows an average performance. This was gathered from a total review count of 11. They are currently number 17 among all house design software sold in the website.


Positive Reviews

Most of the praise given towards the subject was directed towards the easy interface it has. Upon opening the application, users will instantly be guided through the different features it offered. These are named properly and also come with their own instructions to help users be familiar with it. It only takes a day for a user to be familiar with the application.

Next, the application was also praised for its fast performance. This is important as most home design applications consume a lot of the computer’s RAM and may be slower than other apps. DreamPlan was fast to use even if it runs on minimum specifications which shows a good application design by its developers. It can run on both Mac and PC.

Lastly, users also praised the application’s good presentation graphics that were able to properly display the design made by the user. This includes the textures, paints, and details of the house. The landscaping tool was also praised for its innovative tools and its easy usage.

Negative reviews

The first complaint against the program was its small library of objects. It has one of the smallest libraries compared to other applications which is still not enough even if users add packages from the online database. This means that interior designs only have a small selection for what they can display inside the house. This is also reflected on the roof styles which is lacking compared to other applications. So if you can accept that it might not have a lot of additional features Dreamplan 3d planning might be for you.

There were also complaints about the outdatedness of the interface of the application. It is still reminiscent of 2000’s applications and has been outdone by other applications in terms of design. However, this may be one of the reasons why the application can still be used on older computers.

There were also complaints about the tracing tool off the application which was said to be hard to use. This made it harder to translate blueprints into actual designs.


Final thoughts on DreamPlan

When our staff reviewed the NCH Dreamplan software we were actually really impressed with it, which is odd that it had such a low rating in its category on Amazon. Some of the user feedback was based on the UI which we can agree might look a bit dated , but in all honesty when we were using the software we found that although it looked a bit old, it did a great job.