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Punch Home and Landscape Design Essentials Amazon Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 13, 2021

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Punch Home and Landscape Design Essentials is a home design application developed by Encore Software. The company is based in California and is known for products for education, computer proficiency, and home design. Currently, Punch Home and Landscape Design is in its 21st version where various features and tools have been improved and added in the application to make it viable for more users. Here, users can design both a 2D and a 3D version of the house that has complete rooms which have objects designed for each of them.

Amazon reviews

Currently, the application has a score of 2 out of 5 in Amazon which shows an unsatisfactory performance.

Positive Reviews

Based on reviews of similar products of the same brand, most of the praise given towards Punch’ home design applications are aimed towards its abundance of features that can be used for designing the house. Beginner users can instantly jumpstart their designs with the use of premade plans that can easily be customized to fit their own vision. This can also be instantly filled with the right objects based on their vision given the large library provided by the application.

Next, the outdoor design was also praised for having a lot of tools that can raise the accuracy of its design that can be reflected into real life. This is mainly because of the abundance of shrubs, flowers, and trees that you can put, along with the information provided to you about how to grow it best and how it will look like within years.

Negative Reviews

Majority of the negative reviews against the application were targeted towards its interface which they saw as hard to use and stiff. Instead of properly guiding the users, reviews say that it is too restrictive in what users can do. Users are also not properly guided in using them which raises the skill cap of the application.

There were also complaints about the dated design of the application that many home design apps have already surpassed. This means that even the final rendering of the app may be seen as lower quality compared to other applications.

There were also complaints about the reliability of the application in terms of running. Even in higher-end PCs that have a high memory and high video specifications, the application is still prone to crashes and having errors.

There were also complaints about the difficulty of putting measurements within the walls, floors, and windows which is very important especially for home design. The lack of support and guides for this were also complained about as the instructions provided by the developers seem to be inadequate for using the application appropriately.


In the end, the application was mostly praised for having a lot of features that can be used for designing both the indoors and the outdoors. Here, users can simply drag and drop tools for their house.

However, a lot of complaints were made with the application’s measurements, design, and graphics. So, if you were thinking about this program for a specific reason it might be right for you, but if you just heard of it as an option it might be best to pass based on the Amazon reviews of Punch home design software.