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Sweet Home 3D reviews on Amazon

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 25, 2021

Digital blueprint of a home


Sweet Home 3D is a home design application made by Emmanuel Puybaret. The application is designed very simply and is advised for use for those looking only for the barest features of a home design app. With it, users can see a 2D view of their house, a library of the different objects they can drag and drop to the house, information about these objects, and finally, a 3D birds-eye view of the house design that they’ve created. The free version of the application also makes it good for students who want to learn about designing homes.

Amazon Reviews and rating

Currently, the product has a score of 3.7 out of 5 stars. This shows an average to good performance.

Positive Reviews

Most of the positive reviews for the application was for its low price for the quality of its features. With the application, you can try out most of the basics that a home design application has. This includes the doors, walls, and windows which you can easily insert in the home design. With just a couple of clicks and a few adjustments, users can set its measurements to be exact to the blueprint.

It also has a good number of objects that you can put inside the room that lets you visualize an interior designer’s vision. This comes from a library where users can simply drag and drop the products to their home design. These can also be changed in terms of color and texture to make it more accurate to the vision. After this, users can also change the object’s height, width, and depth. Lastly, they can either make it visible or invisible in their current display in case they only need to see some elements of the house instead of its complete design.

Even with its simple features, its developers have dedicated a lot of guides and tips within the application to teach users on how to use the application properly. This is friendly for both beginners and frequent users of CAD applications. This makes users familiar with the application within a few hours of using it.

Sweet Home 3D is also considered an open source project that is distributed by GNU General Public License which means that users can create designs for commercial purposes in this application for free.

Negative Reviews

Most of the negative reviews of the application was aimed towards its dated interface design. Even with this, its display of the final home design is still reliable for most users.

Aside from this, there were also some complaints about application crashes that may be related to the application’s use of the graphic drivers of the PC.

Final thoughts on Sweet Home 3d

The main philosophy for designing the application was to have a simple app where users can create home designs which is why only the barest features are available in the app. Still, it is reliable in doing its job.