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The best home design software for this year: features, tools, and more

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 10, 2021

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If you have a design for a home in mind but no capability to exactly portray it through pen and paper, you may be interested in the best home design software. These are applications that give you access to tools for building the walls, windows, and doors of your home. You can also furnish this afterwards to complete your vision. Even if you are an expert designer or simply a home design enthusiast, these applications can greatly help you in planning the design of the house.

When choosing an application for this, a couple of things must be prioritized. First, the application must be able to translate most of your ideas without much difficulty. After all, home designs have aesthetic inspirations behind it that gives it more personality and individuality. Some may prefer a contemporary design while some may want a Victorian-era home.

Next, the application must be easy to use. Engineers and architects use the CAD application for specifically planning measurements while home design software is made as an easier version of this. To help users, countless guides and accessible icons must be found in the app.

Lastly, a good price still trumps among any other features for the app.

The following are the best home design applications based on these.

Our first choice – DreamPlan

DreamPlan, which we did a full and in depth review on,  is developed by NCH software and is known for its countless guides spread everywhere in the app. Through this, first-time users have a smaller learning curve for using the application. To give a head-start in the designing process, it has countless templates available which you can simply modify to match your ideas. You can simply click and drag its different parts to edit it.

The application allows you to view both a 2D and 3D rendition of your design simultaneously to make the process easier. Through this, you can easily translate your blueprints into actual home designs.

The application is continuously updated, with its current version improving responsiveness of buttons, making wall and window measurements more precise, and adding new viewing tools.

Designing the proof is consistently one of the most difficult parts with home designing apps. DreamPlan fixes this by having a separate roof wizard which automatically covers an area without the need for manual corrections if you don’t want this. This makes the process much more convenient.

After designing the house, you can then furnish both the house’s rooms and outdoors.

Our second choice – Home Designer Suite

Home Designer Suite is an app developed by Chief Architect which is known in the industry for their accessible applications that are frequently updated. It is made to be an easier version of the CAD app.

The application also contains wizards that can guide you through the home designing process. It also has templates which you can edit easily to match your exact vision. The application also comes with a price estimator that tells you how much the materials cost so far. While this may not be very exact, it still gives you a good idea regarding the budget for the house.

One of the best aspects of the application is its object library that contains more than 6,500 items which is more than most apps. Because of this, you can easily furnish different rooms and even the outdoors with items. These items range in its aesthetic inspiration, functionality, and price range. You can also incorporate specific images to your design in case you have a specific design in mind.

Designing the outdoors with the app is very easy. You can design the topography to match the real-life location by putting ravines, hills, and other details. You can also place plants, pools, and a barbecue area to make it more realistic.

Our third choice – Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is one of the most accessible applications. First, it is free to download as it is an open-source project. It is also very easy to use because of its simple tools. Finally, your designs can also be used for commercial purposes entirely for free.

With the app, users can download a template online or import their blueprint into the design. To edit walls and floors, users simply need to click and drag. Users can simultaneously view their design in both 2D and 3D.

The application makes putting measurements much more accurate with its smart tools. They have made it easier to detect precision for rounding, straight, or sloping walls with just your mouse.

Designing the parts of the house because of its simple tools that can change the size, texture, color, and orientation.

However, it is quite limited in terms of furniture options, with only basic parts of the kitchen, bedroom, and any other room available in its library.