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Total 3D Home, Landscape, and Deck Suite 12 Amazon Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 3, 2021

Digital design of home blueprint


Total 3D Home, Landscape, and Deck Suite 12 is a home design application created by Individual Software. It is a good choice for those looking for abundant home design tools that they can use for visualizing their blueprint design to its fullest. It utilizes a large library of objects so that users can have a lot of options for designing the rooms of the house. The application is friendly for use to both amateurs and expert users because of its smart interface where features and its equivalent guides are easily accessible.

Amazon Ratings

Currently, the product has a score of 3 over 5 on Amazon. This shows an average performance. This is collected from 44 ratings. We did a review of Total 3D Home, Landscape, and Deck Suite 12 and thought it was a good piece of software as it was in our top 4 choices.

Positive Ratings

Majority of the praise towards the program was directed to the abundance of its features. With the application, you can design both the interior and exterior of the house properly. There are abundant choices for the objects that you can display for the different rooms of the house that are even branded to make it more accurate in terms of design and price estimate. Users can also import specific images of objects that they want to insert in the house. Compared to other apps, they have one of the largest libraries.

The SmartBlocks technology that they incorporate for the shapes of the room is also a nice touch that is praised for its ease of usage and the various home designs that can be made through it.

The landscaping tool of the application was also praised to be abundant in terms of functionalities given its plant encyclopedia, lighting options, and more. 

Lastly, the ease of using the application because of its good interface was also praised. This made it easy to learn even for absolute beginners who want to play around with the different tools of a home design application.

Negative Reviews

The main criticism against the application was its old app design that inhibits it from being usable for Windows versions newer than Windows 7. This includes Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. Given that the majority of PCs nowadays use these versions, many users will not be able to use the application. 

There are also some complaints about the restrictiveness of the application. While it is easy to understand how it works, it barely gives freedom for users to make their designs manually. This may be a dealbreaker for those who want to make sure that measurements are precise and exact with their blueprints.

There are also some complaints about constant crashes of the application even on higher-end ones that have sufficient graphic drivers and computer memory to run it. 


The application is mainly recommended for beginners who want to get familiar with the features of a home design application and for those who want to be guided along the way. Those who want a little more freedom in their designing may be disappointed with the application, though.  So if you are looking for a higher level of options in the program we suggest you take a look at our listings of the best virtual home design software on the market right now.