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Virtual Architect Professional Home Design 9.0 Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 19, 2021

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The 2020 Covid19 pandemic forces most of us to stay at home and limit our interaction with other people. Being stuck at home all day long could be boring. And it won't take long to get from boredom to total lack of motivation. 

To prevent that, redecorating your room or workplace is a good thing to do to keep you feeling refreshed. But an interior designer is rather expensive, and simply trying things out could take a lot of time and effort. 

In that case, you should try Virtual Architect Professional Home Design.

About Virtual Architect

Virtual Architect is a home design software that could help you redesign your house, or even build it from the ground up. It is one of the most powerful software in its category. With Virtual Architect, you could easily translate that perfect design that you have in your mind into an actual 3D model. 

Virtual Architect is one of the top-selling products of a company called Nova Development. Nova Development has been a developer and publisher for consumer software since 1984. They always add a new and exciting feature to every iteration of Virtual Architect and this version is the best one yet.

Features of Virtual Architect Professional Home Design 9.0
  • Design your dream home from scratch. With Virtual Architect, you could design your dream house from scratch. Create the floorplan, put up the walls, the doors, windows, etc. Virtual Architect has everything you need to realize your vision.
  • Decorate rooms using your own photos. If starting from the ground up sounds intimidating to you, you could simply take inspiration from what's already there. Whenever you find great-looking rooms, you could take a picture of them and load it up to Virtual Architect, and start customizing from there. 
  • Digital interior design. Virtual Architect gives you much more freedom to explore your creativity. When creating a room, you could change the color, the material, the fabrics, and lots of other things with a click of a button. You could easily try out dozens of combinations in a matter of minutes.
  • Furniture and appliances. Virtual Architect comes equipped with hundreds of furniture and appliances models that you could choose from. This means, you could easily find the ones that you like and see what it might look like in the room.
  • Virtual walk. Virtual Architect uses advanced 3D modeling with high-resolution images and hyper-realistic details. It makes it possible for you to do a virtual walk when you finish with your design, similar to the Street view that Google has. 
  • Powerful home building features. With this latest version, you have the access to an advanced feature that closely mimics the process of building an actual house. You could carefully plan the electricity, plumbing, the roofs, choosing from different base material, etc. 
  • Complete kitchen and bath design. Another advanced feature that you'd have is regarding the kitchen. In this version, you could choose your appliances from hundreds of stock models available in the market. You also have multiple options when it comes to the sink, shower, bath, and even cabinets.
  • Landscaping. Another amazing feature that's available to you is complete control over the landscaping aspect of your building plan. There's terrain modeling, garden visualizer, and even thousands of real-life plants that you could choose from.
Benefits of using Virtual Architect Professional Home Design 9.0
  • One-time payment. This latest version of Virtual Architect Professional Home Design is quite expensive. When I wrote this article, the software cost as much as $124.99. That being said, it is a one-time payment. Unlike every other software nowadays that asks you to pay a subscription fee every month for as long as you use their product, Virtual Architect prefers the old way of paying for things. Once you purchase a copy, it will be yours forever. No additional fee is needed.
  • Easy to use. For such a powerful and feature-rich software, Virtual Architect is relatively easy to use. Granted, there's still a bit of learning to be done. But they designed the interface in such a way that makes it easy for the first-time users to use it. Once you get used to the core function of the software, you could start your dream project right away.

Most people shy away from remodeling their office, bedroom, kitchen, and any other room in their house because of how much time and money it takes to do that. 

And once you've sacrificed all of that, there's no guarantee that it would end up the same way with what you picture it before you begin the whole thing. 

You can surely hire a reputable interior to do it for you. The result is bound to be great, but that is a costly option. With that in mind, there's only one other solution. The home design software. 

With it, you could explore thousands of possibilities in a matter of hours before deciding which combination that you like best. And Virtual Architect Professional Home Design is one of the best ones that you could get.