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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design Amazon Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 10, 2021

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design with ar views


Home design software are applications which you can use to create a virtual representation of your design. With it, you can translate your blueprint into an actual home. This can be especially helpful for architects, engineers, and interior designers. Aside from being able to see their designs realized, these software also enable digital house tours in case the user wants to present their fully realized plan for their clients, complete with specific types of materials along with the best lighting. Among the different applications, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is one of the best products.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

When we review Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design we found out it was made by Nova Development which is under the Avanquest Group. Avanquest is known for products such as Driver Genius, Registry Utilities Professional, and Driver Genius while their subsidiary Nova Development is known for creative applications such as Virtual Architect Home Design and InPixio. They have continued to improve Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design which is now in its 10th version, with its features continuously being expanded and added to make it a better choice for their users.

Amazon Reviews

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is currently rated with 3 and a half stars in Amazon from 65 ratings. This shows a good performance.

Positive Reviews

Most of the praise towards the product were directed towards the familiarity in using it once users are familiar with CAD type tools. It was praised for having a very easy interface that allows users to easily resize walls, change the shape of roofs, add windows, doors, and objects, and more. It also has a good 30-day money back guarantee that helps users get their money back in case they were not satisfied with the product. They also continue to expand their product’s range in order to cater to the needs of their users.

A very praised tool of the application is the ability of users to scan specific designs and materials and incorporate it into a house. This removes the need to be limited only to the library of the application which may not always have what it specifically in the mind of the user which is especially true for interior designers.

The outdoor tools of the application were also praised to be very complete. This includes the fencing, pool, and walkways. The garden tool especially is given a highlight because of the abundance of plants present in its library that makes it easier to plan the outdoor of the house. This even has a knowledge book about how different plants grow in order for users to plan where to put them specifically for optimal sunlight and protection.

Lastly, users praise the rendering of the application which gives photorealistic representations of the design of the user. This is made through adequate lighting that gives it enough depth as to be very good for presentation to the clients. The fact that you can view your designs in both 2D and 3D and see changes in between them immediately is also helpful.

Negative Reviews

Most of the criticism against the application is the lack of intuitive settings for designing the house. For example, designing a wall needs to take certain to be comfortable with. They also have some problems with the library for the furniture and suggest the developers expand them. The 3D display of the application may also crash sometimes on lower end computers because of the need for a huge chunk of the RAM which some may not have.


In the end, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is still a good choice for those who want to create a house design. The main benefits of the application is its ease in being used when familiar with CAD applications, its large set of features, and its good rendering of the design. Criticisms were given, though, for the limited library of furniture.