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Virtual architect ultimate home design features and price

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 21, 2021

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No matter how great your house is or how much you love being at home, there will come a time when you'd feel bored looking at it all the time. That's why it's always a good idea to change things up every once in a while by taking on a remodeling project. 

The best course of action is certainly hiring a professional to do it for you. But that is an expensive option. So you might consider taking on the project by yourself. To do it properly, you need to use the power of a computer to help you along with your dream project.

The type of software that could do that is called a Home Design Software. And when it comes to home design software, one of the best in the market right now is called Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design. This brief article will tell you all you need to know about it.

What is Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

As mentioned before, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is a home design tool that could help you with your home remodeling project. Not only that, but you could also use Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design to create a new building from scratch. 

From creating the floorplan and all the way to designing the plumbing system, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is equipped with tons of extremely powerful features that would allow you to customize every little detail of your design.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design was developed by a tech company called Nova Development. Nova Development is a company that specializes in creating all kinds of software for small businesses and end-consumers. And Virtual Architect is their most popular software by far. 

Features of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design
  • Design template. If you don't know where to start with your design, then you can simply look into tons of design templates that are available in the Virtual Architect Home Design Library. 
  • Custom floor plan. But if you prefer to create the floor plan yourself, then you can easily do so by using Virtual Architect's powerful floor plan creator that you could customize however you like.
  • Easy walls, doors, and windows placement. With Virtual Architect, you could easily add new walls, doors, and walls wherever you like within your design. And you could also change it later on without breaking your design.
  • Complete furniture and kitchen appliances library. Virtual Architect has a vast library consisting of thousands of furniture and kitchen appliances that you could easily add to your design.
  • Use your own digital photos. If you found a great design in real life and want to use it as a reference, you could simply take a picture of it, import it to Virtual Architect, and then use it as the base of your design. You could use it as is, or you could also customize it to your liking. 
  • Complete electrical, HVAC, and plumbing planning. To make sure that your design could immediately be implemented in the real world, Virtual Architect also includes robust electrical, HVAC, and plumbing planning.
  • Gazebos, sheds, fences, and gates. For those of you who wish to create some fancy gates and gazebos or maybe just simple sheds and fences, you can do so with Virtual Architect Ultimate. There will be wizards to make things easier and you could also customize its paint and material.
  • 3D photorealistic walkthrough. Once you're finished with your design, Virtual Architect has the ability to create a photorealistic rendition of your design so that you can do a virtual walkthrough. This feature makes it possible for you to see how your design would look in real life. 
  • Video tutorials. When you purchase a copy of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design, you will gain access to tons of video tutorials that will walk you through every feature of the software and also show you how to do certain things within Virtual Architect. 
How much does Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design cost?

For software that offers such powerful and useful features, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is very affordable. To get a copy of this home design software, the amount that you need to pay is only $99.99. And once you pay, you can either download it directly from their official website or you can have them ship it for you. Of course, an additional shipping fee may occur. 

But other than that affordable price tag, the great thing about Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is the fact that you only need to pay for the software once. In this age of monthly or even yearly subscription pricing plans, this pricing method is not only rare but also extremely beneficial for the users. Because it means once you pay it, then that copy of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is yours forever. 

Is purchasing a Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design worth it?

Yes, absolutely. Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is definitely worth every penny. It is filled with features that could help you customize every little detail that you want. It is also easy to use and affordable. And if there's anything that you don't know about, then there are tons of video tutorials available to help you out. You should definitely give Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design a try.