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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design Features for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 15, 2021

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Although there's no place like home, having to stay inside it for months because of a pandemic would still be stressful. Just like with everything else, you need to try to find ways to keep things fresh. One of the easiest ways to achieve that is to remodel your house. 

But you have to do it properly because otherwise, the result could be disastrous. Hiring a professional is one way to go about it, but keep in mind that it would be a costly endeavor. 

The other route that you could take is using a home design software such as Virtual Architect to help you design your own remodeling project. This brief article will show you the features of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design and the benefits of using it. 

About Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

As the name suggests, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is a home design software that could help you with all kinds of home design projects that you have in mind. From planning a big home project from scratch to simply remodeling a small room in your house, Virtual Architect could do it all.

Virtual Architect Ultimate was developed and published by a company called Nova Development. Nova Development is a company that specializes in creating consumer software for both Windows OS and Mac OS. Since they've become a part of Avanquest Group, Nova Development has seen a tremendous boost in popularity, especially for their flagship software Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design.

Features of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design
  • Design your dream home from scratch. Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design allows you to create a blueprint for your dream home, no matter how complex it might be. After the blueprint, you can then proceed to create the floorplan and go up from there. 

  • Decorate rooms using your own photos. One of the unique features of Virtual Architect is the ability to use your own photos as a base for your design. With this feature, you can simply take a picture of a house or a room that you like, import it to Virtual Architect, and customize it to your liking. 

  • Digital interior design. In our review of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design , you could customize every element of your design. You could change the material of the building, change the color of the wall, the fabrics on your furniture, and all other kinds of changes. 

  • Furniture and appliances. Virtual Architect has a massive library consisting of thousands of furniture and appliances models. Most of them come from a real model by a well-known brand. That means you could easily translate your design from the computer into real life. 

  • Remodeling. In order to get a better glimpse into how your design would look in real life, Virtual Architect could turn your design into a three-dimensional photo-realistic digital room. With this feature, you could do a virtual walk to see how your design would really look like.

  • Paint surfaces and fabrics. As mentioned before, you could customize lots of things with Virtual Architect, no matter how small of a detail it is. This feature also extended into painting most surfaces with whatever color or pattern that you like and playing around with the fabrics of your furniture.

  • Kitchen builder wizard. A kitchen is a special place that also needs special treatment. That's why Virtual Architects have a specialized kitchen builder wizard to give you greater freedom and control over how you want your kitchen to look. 

  • Cabinets. As stated before, Virtual Architects have massive collections of furniture. But just like how a kitchen is a special room, cabinets are also a special piece of furniture. As such, with Virtual Architect, you could customize the looks of your cabinets however you like. 
Benefits of using Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design
  • One-time payment. In this modern time where you have to subscribe to access most digital products and services, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design chose to stay with the conventional method of a one-time payment only. With only $99.99, you could enjoy Virtual Architect Ultimate for however long you want.

  • Ease-of-use. Despite its vast functions and capabilities, Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is very user-friendly and quite easy to use. Sure, there is still a learning phase to be had, but once you get used to it, you'll get to your project in no time.

  • Comes with video tutorials. To make things even easier for the new users, every copy of Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design comes with hundreds of video tutorials. Every function that you need to know would be available in those videos. And if you need further help, you could always contact their support team.

Nowadays, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars just to remodel your home. There are numerous software out there that could help you realize your dream project into reality. And Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is one of the best at doing that job. If you currently plan to remodel your house, you should give Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Edition a try.