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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design Features Reviewed

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 10, 2021

Building a house with virtual reality headset on


Having a home design software is a big help for architects, engineers, and interior designs who want to get a realistic representation of their blueprints. Here, they can simulate their design complete with furniture, specifications, and measurements. Applications like this are built to be intuitively used by its users so that every feature and tool will be a breeze to use.

Differences from other versions

There are a lot of innovations that make the tenth version of the application different from its earlier versions.

The application first improved the different creation tools of the application, placing particular emphasis on floors, windows, and doors. First, creating floor plans are even made easier because of the integration of onscreen angular dimensions. This makes it easier to make the plan more accurate. Next, double doors are easier to handle because of enhanced door handling that makes it easier to fit in walls. Windows also includes a federation and prairie style for designs which is a common request for clients. These can also be combined easily using a glass, frame, or sash.

The application also improved the different tools of the application to make it easier to browse through. Next, the application has its own search tool where users can find materials quickly. This is a big solution as many users have complained about the need to scroll through the different menus of the application. Hyperlinks are also easily accessed with the right click menu which makes it easier to browse.

The last batch of changes are dedicated towards the rendering of the application. First, there are now new skyboxes which makes backdrops much more realistic. There is also a baked lighting option in Presentation mode now.

Program Features

The features in Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design application are streamlined for the different designing needs of the user. The range of these features are wide as it includes the basics of the house (walls, doors, etc.) up to the specifics like electricity, furniture, and materials.

First, the walls are designed to easily connect and repair. Creating the interior and exterior of the house is easy as the application automatically connects parts intelligently. Doors are also easy to add as it has a dedicated wizard. For this, doors such as sliding, garage, double, and more are easy to add. Windows are also easy to attach. Users simply need to click the wall where it will be added. The designs of their windows include sliding, casement, vent, and more.

Interior designing is also very easy with the application. They have an abundant inventory that allows making a realistic depiction of your plan very easy. This extends towards the paints, fabrics, woods, carpets, tiles, and more. Their 3D models are also of high-quality to offer the best simulation of the interior plan made.

The different parts of the home have dedicated tools to make it better for designing. For example, the kitchen and the baths have specific tools that make it more realistic. This includes marble and granite countertops, a dedicated wizard for the cabinets, sinks, showers, baths, and appliances. A unique tool is the bathrooms which can be dedicated for disabled use.

They also have very good home building tools such as electrical planning, a roof wizard, and HVAC and plumbing planning.

The best part about the application is the final rendering that displays your final design using good lighting to provide a realistic representation of your design. The design can be viewed in both 3D and 2D plans. You can also do a complete walkthrough of the design which is especially handy for presentations. Navigating the house is very easy because of the built-in tools of the application