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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 31, 2021

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Home design applications are one of the backbones for an architect’s design and vision. With it, they can easily visualize the exact design that they want using exact proportions mixed with great detail. It is also a good tool for customers to be able to get a good grasp of their future home. These applications are loaded with different tools which can be used to set up rooms, roofs, wall designs, and more. Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is a popular choice among these applications because of its ease of usage and abundant features.

Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design

Virtual Architect Professional Home Design is an application available for PC and Mac. It is filled with different tools that can be used for designing a vision for a house. An example of this is the easy copy paste tool which lets you customize the home easily. This tool is filled with up to 150 items and materials that are available in the catalogue which can be used to make the vision for the house more specific. Although abundant in features, the application has a user-friendly interface where features can be learned easily because of its intuitive design.


Currently in its 9th version, the application has gone through multiple design changes and additional features to make it viable for today’s market. The most current version retains most of the features that customers have praised such as the ease of using the application along with some specific tools. Most have also praised the very helpful wizards which can make a user instantly familiar when designing walls, roofs, creating a landscape project, and more. This is especially important as the abundance of features displayed in the app may be intimidating for amateur users upon first seeing it. 

House Builder Wizard

The House Builder Wizard is one of the helpful guides which can help you design the main purpose of the planning. Here, users will be guided from the choice of foundation, the shape of the house, the garage, and more. Choosing the materials and setting the dimensions of your design is made easy using this. This then ends with the basic plan of the house where you can start designing the specifics. To make it easier to start projects, users can also start with a sample design so that they will not be required to create a design from scratch. 

Users are also given a short description of every tool of the app.

Translating the plan to a design

With the application, users can get a quick rendering of the home that they are designing with the use of the blueprints. This can help them get an instant visualization of what they are designing to quickly notice flaws. Designing parts such as the windows, doors, and more is very easy as almost everything is customizable in case you are a perfectionist. With their plans, users will not be disappointed with the editable content as this includes the materials for the house, furniture, and the design of the walls. This makes it easier to visualize the house in the architect’s mind. 

Importing blueprints

One of the most sought-for features is adding pre-existing blueprints to the house to make it easier if you have already designed it before. This can be done easily with the application. Users can also follow the in-built wizard in case they do not know how to. Users can also import earlier designs’ windows, walls, and doors. You can also mix some parts of the earlier built designs along with newer ones if you want. Since many users have complained about the lack of variety of the designs of the parts of the home that can be added, the application now allows them to add photos to the homes to make it more realistic and closer to their vision.

More tools

After designing the house, users will be guided through the process of designing the Landscape and Decks. Here, it easy to manipulate the land for terrain modelling and for designing it with plans. Users can put patios and decks easily. 

Viewing the design

The design of the house can be viewed in either 2D or 3D mode. After finishing it, users can also render their design for a more realistic version which can help visualizing the house easier. Files can be viewed through iOS and Android using the Home VR. The files can also be exported into DXF format for sharing.  Overall we found that when we reviewed virtual home architect ultimate edition that it was one of the best softwares for virtually laying out and desiging your new home