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Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design with Landscaping and Decks Design 10 Amazon Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 25, 2021

Digital 3d layout of a room

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Amazon ratings


Virtual Architect Ultimate Home Design is a popular choice for many engineers, interior designers, and architects. It has a simple interface that allows easy creation of home designs. Here blueprints can easily be converted into an easily editable model that resembles the actual home that they plan to create. The design can then be given a full digital tour once it is finished that is especially handy when the user wants to present their design to their clients.

Amazon ratings

Currently, the tenth version of Virtual Architect has a score of 3.5 stars. This shows an average to good performance.

Good ratings

Most of the praise given towards the application complimented the simplicity of its interface. Since most home design applications are similar in their features, an interface that tells users how to use it easily is a big help. The fact that it also has wizards for most of its tools make it easy to use and get familiar with.

The users also praised the intuitiveness of setting up the walls, windows, and doors in the house. With just a couple of clicks and drags, users can transform their blueprints into an actual home design. This can also be done with both a 2D and 3D view so that users can instantly see any differences when they edit parts of the design. Most users who are already familiar with CAD applications will immediately grasp the different controls of this application.

Next, praise was also given for the good packaging of the application when the DVD delivery option is chosen. The users also had no problem with the installation process of the application which was fast and easy to do.

The application was also praised for its abundant tools for designing the outdoors which includes the fences, the garden, walkways, gazebos, and more.

Once finished with the design, the house tour feature of the application is also good in displaying the actual house with the use of appropriate lighting. This makes it good for presenting the final design.

Lastly, they also praised the updates done by the developers that were aimed towards improving the common complaints in their earlier versions which shows good customer feedback. In our review of Virtual Architect Ultimate we found it to be a pretty good program overall, not as good as others we reviewed but overall pretty good.

Low ratings

The main criticisms against the application was its outdated interface. Compared to other home design applications, Virtual Architect has an older design that is reminiscent of applications launched for Windows XP and Vista which is not different with its earlier versions. The designers are advised by users to upgrade this because it gives the application a more dated look even if its features are still on par with today’s needs.

There were also criticisms about the application’s slow performance on lower-end computers. If your device has low memory and an outdated processor, this can be expected from it.