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What is the best 3d home design software

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 18, 2021

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The Covid19 pandemic forced us to spend most of our time staying inside our homes. We have to work, study, and try to have fun inside. But no matter how much we love our own home, there will come a time when we finally feel stressed out or at least bored.

When such a time inevitably happens, one of the best things that we could do is to try giving our house, or at least our room, a breath of fresh air. And the way to do that is by doing a redecorating project. But hiring a professional to do such a project would certainly be quite expensive. 

That being said, undertaking such a project yourself without the proper knowledge would only lead to a bad result. And that's where 3D Home Design Software comes in. This is a tool that could help you realize your dream project easily. 

This brief article would talk about the best 3D Home Design software. Hopefully, you'll find the one that suits your needs through this article.

About 3D Home Design Software

3D Home Design Software is a tool that would allow you to create remodeling and home renovation projects with ease. This tool was created in order for a beginner to craft a project with similar precision and results to those of professionals. 

Different 3D design software will certainly offer a different set of features. But there are some functions that you could expect from them all. These basic features include the ability to create a 2D floor plan for your building and some even offer a landscape plan as well. 

Other useful features include choosing various materials for your building, custom paints, and even different types of fabrics. This is not only useful for planning the exterior of your home, but also for designing the interior as well.

And when it comes to the interior, most 3D Home Design Software nowadays also offers thousands of furniture models that you could custom and place however you see fit. Most of them come from actual furniture brands, that way you can be sure that what you choose would be available in real life.

To make designing our project easier, some 3D home design software offers a template that you could customize. Some others even have a feature that allows you to create plans based on the picture that you took. 

And when everything is done, you could also take a virtual and photorealistic look into your finished design. That way, you would know exactly what it would look like in real life. Other software goes even further and creates a precise calculation of the price and cost of your projects based on an up-to-date database of prices in the real world.

The best 3D Home Design Software

There are lots of 3D home design software out there and most of them claim to be the best. But this is the list of the top ten 3D home design software that is guaranteed to fulfill your home project needs.


  1. DreamPlan. The first one on this list is the most user-friendly of the bunch. Everything in DreamPlan, from the features to the user interface was designed so that a beginner could easily understand what he needs to do in order to create his dream projects.

    Of course, DreamPlan is equipped with all the basic and some advanced features as well. What's more, there is also a free version that you could easily download from its official website. And if you like what you see, the full version is also incredibly affordable.  In our head to head rankings we found that Dreamplan got the best reviews our of all software our testers tried


  1. Home Designer Suite. Contrary to DreamPlan, Home Designer Suite is geared towards experienced users. This tool is equipped with one of the largest libraries of objects that you could choose and customize as you see fit.

    There's also a feature that enables you to create a floorplan and edit it whenever you want. But while these advanced features require a bit of learning and getting used to, there's a wealth of information and tutorials available that could help you no matter what issues you might encounter.


  1. Sweet Home 3D. Sweet Home 3D is the combination of DreamPlan and Home Designer Suite. This tool is easy to use while still offering some of the most advanced features in the market. Sweet Home 3D enabled you to download a sample plan from their gallery or you could also create rough sketches and import them.

    There's also a very powerful drag-and-drop feature that makes it super easy for you to choose what you want to add or subtract to your design. Though a bit of a learning curve is still needed for the advanced features, new users should be able to use this tool with ease. 


  1. Total 3D Landscape and Deck Premium. Unlike all the previous entries on this list, Total 3D Landscape and Deck Premium was created for advanced users who know exactly what they want. That's why Total 3D Landscape is filled with features that only advanced users really need.

    Just like Sweet Home 3D, Total 3D Landscape and Deck also has tons of sample plans with extra features and specialized design elements that you could choose from. This tool is also equipped to handle massive design projects with lots of complexity. A steep learning curve is required to use this one.


  1. Punch Home Design and Landscape Design Essential. Although this software has all the basic features that you might expect from a 3D Home Design Software, landscape design is where Punch Home Design and Landscape Essential truly shine.

    Whether it's a simple garden or a total landscaping project, you could do it all with this tool. They even have a library consisting of thousands of vegetation models based on real-life plants that you could choose and customize to your liking. 


  1. TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro. This one is also made especially for beginners. There are lots of guides and wizards that would help users to easily achieve what they intended to do. The intuitive user interface would also make everything clear and concise.

    But even if TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Pro are geared more towards new users, there are also advanced features available within this tool. One of them is a library of thousands of premade objects that you could modify to suit your particular needs.


  1. Punch Home Design and Landscape Premium. This tool is another version of Punch Home Design and Landscape. But if the previous one has advanced landscaping options, this version focuses more on the finished products of your design.

    Punch Home Design and Landscape premium also have all the basic features that you might need, but the 3D rendered finish product is where it truly signifies. The resulting 3D view of your design would look remarkably similar to a photograph of a real room or real house.


  1. Total 3D Home Design Deluxe. Another entry to a 3D Home Design Software that is geared towards new users, Total 3D Home Design Deluxe is one of the most user-friendly tools in the market. They provide lots of floor plans and design templates that you could choose from.

    The template is already a complete design, so all you need to do is customize all the little details. While it is so easy to use for novice users, more advanced users might feel this tool has too many limitations. Advanced users might find this tool unable to fulfill the level of customization that they desire. 


  1. TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Deluxe. Similar to the previous entry TurboFloorPlan Home and Landscape Deluxe is perfect for novices who want to create simple remodeling projects. Consider this a lighter version of the previous TurboFloorPlan entry.

    This focus on new users is reflected through the easy-to-use wizards, affordable prices, and the wealth of resources to help you with your design project. They even provide videos, guides, and tutorials so that you could easily understand what needs to be done to create your dream projects.


  1. Virtual Architect Ultimate. Just like Sweet Home 3D, Virtual Architect Ultimate also strives to provide the middle ground between novices and advanced users. They offer lots of wizards, templates, and thousands of objects to help new users. 

Hopefully our list of the best home design software on the market today helped out with your soon to be renovated home. We really think that DreamPlan is the best of the best out there right now, so give it a try and if you do or don't like it let us know!