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EaseUS Data Recovery 2021 review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 5, 2021

Mac laptop with deleted data


Apple's Macbook and its MacOS have been trusted devices for creative professionals like graphic designer, programmer, writer, video editor, etc. They choose Macbook because of its built quality, performance, lightweight, design aesthetic, and various other reasons. 

As a professional, the reasons as to why you pick a Macbook may differ from the next person but one thing for sure, you regularly use your Mac for work. Some of you may even use it as a daily driver. You heavily rely on your Mac for everything from work to personal stuff. 

Using one device as a daily driver may be convenient but it also has its downside. For instance, if you accidentally delete some of your work, and you don't have a backup of it, then you're in big trouble. Or are you? This brief article will talk about EaseUS, a data recovery program for mac. 

About EaseUS Data Recovery

As its name suggests, EaseUS Data Recovery is a data recovery program for macOS. EaseUS supports a wide range of macOS, specifically from Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) to the latest macOS 10.15 (Catalina). EaseUS is also capable of retrieving many kinds of file formats, from the usual JPEG and MP4 to the more obscure ones like DNG, MXF, and OGG.

As a data recovery, EaseUS prides itself on its wide variety of features, its ease-of-use, and its customer support. They also always stay on top of things when it comes to any kinds of new development in the world of macOS, such as the case with EaseUS being the first program that could retrieve data from the SSD equipped with Apple's latest T2 security chip.

EaseUS itself is a brand from a Chinese technology company called CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd. and has been in the business since 2004. Other than Data Recovery for Mac, EaseUS also produces the same product for Windows OS, a backup program called ToDo Backup, and a program to help with your disk partition called Partition Master. 

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery
  • Deep scan. Upon installation, you could immediately initiate the deep scans. EaseUS has one of the most comprehensive scans in the industry and they manage to do it in a reasonably quick manner. 

  • File filter. Once you've completed the scans, you'll see massive amounts of deleted files listed on the result page. To make it easier to find the ones that you are looking for, EaseUS has a file filter feature that could sort items based on multiple variables, like file formats, location, etc. 

  • File preview. To further help the users identify the files that they intend to retrieve, EaseUS has a file preview mode that allows users to see the preview of the files. This feature is especially useful if you have lots of image files that were named in a numerical format.

  • Bootable media. If you want to retrieve deleted files from a dead Macbook, you could simply create a bootable media using your flash drive from a healthy computer with this particular EaseUS feature. When the process is complete, all you have to do is insert the flash drive to the dead Mac, boot from it, open the EaseUS program, then recover your data from the hard disk to the flash drive. 

  • Recover to cloud storage. When you want to recover data but you have no flash drive on hand, then you could simply recover the files to your preferred cold storage so you could download it later. 

  • Export/import scan status. When you finish a scan process, you could save that particular scan result and export them to your preferred internal or external storage. When you want to retrieve a different file at a later date, you could simply import the scans results instead of scan the whole thing all over again.

  • Remote IT support. When you purchase any EaseUS licenses, you'll get remote IT support and you could contact them 24/7. Their world-class support team would help you solve your problem as soon as possible.
The downside of EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS is loaded with a wide range of features that are specifically designed to help the users recover their deleted files as fast as possible while still maintaining their original quality. That alone is a great reason why you should use EaseUS. 

Unfortunately, it is quite expensive. EaseUS uses a subscription model for their products and for its monthly plan, EaseUS Data Recovery for Mac costs a whopping $89.95 per month. Out of their three pricing plans, the best bang for your buck is certainly the lifetime plan but even that would still cost you $169.95. But at least that was a one-time purchase. 

So the only downside that we can see with the software is that it is expensive, however as we noted it is a one time purchase and to some $169 might be a great deal to recover the data they deleted in error. 

Should you use EaseUS Data Recovery

As I've mentioned before, EaseUS offers a lot of great features in their software that uniquely theirs. You won't find some of those features in their competitor's product. All of its functions are carefully thought out and executed to give the users options and ultimate ease-of-use. 

As mentioned above the price is somewhat high, but again only you can decide if what you have lost is worth their licensing fee to recover. If it is then we would suggest taking a look at their software as it was easily one of the best we looked at as the review of Easeus Data Recovery was very positive.