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EaseUS Mac Data Recovery Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 13, 2021

Recovering lost data


Recovery applications can help users retrieve applications and files that have been accidentally deleted from your hard drive. This is because even though a file is technically deleted from the hard drive, it still has traces all over the storage device, either HDD or SSD which recovery applications recover in case the user requests. This is only possible if it is not overwritten, though. These applications can also help recover complete partitions from the hard drive which are divisions within it that are treated as a separate batch of files aside from your main storage.

EaseUS Data Recovery is an application that was launched back in 2005. Its official Mac release was back in 2018 where its features were stabilized to ensure that users will be able to get the best features in accordance with Mac’s updates. The application is also available for Windows users. One thing that users should note before downloading the tool is that it has two versions: a paid and a free one. The free version can be used to scan the storage device for your files you want to salvage. However, to be able to recover this, you need to purchase a license for them. This is a fair deal that lets you know that your payment will actually be useful.

What can it do for your Mac?

EaseUS Data Recovery can be used to recover files for your Mac. First, it can be used to recovery files that you have deleted from the Trash. It also can used to recover files that you’ve selected to “Delete Immediately”. Aside from this, the application can help you recover files in case you have recently formatted your hard disk or if it has been recently damaged. This is especially helpful as without the application, users will not be able to see their files that have been deleted in the reformat.

If you can connect it to your Mac, the application can also help recover files within your SD card and memory cards in case it has recently been corrupted or formatted. Lastly, the application can help you recover files that have been accidentally deleted during a power interruption as this can cause corrupted files and data within your computer. EaseUS Data Recovery ensures that these files will be returned back to how it was before as long as it has not been overwritten.

Supported File types

With the application, users can recover most file types. This includes the following: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, RAW, AVI, MOV, and more. These are commonly the file types for e-mails, photos, and videos. The application is compatible for most Mac Devices which includes Mac Pro, MacBook, iMac, along with external hard drives and memory storage such as cameras, SD cards, and USBs. However, this excludes CD and DVD as this usually has an encryption.


Interface and Recovery

One of the main factors why the application is famous is because it is very user-friendly. Upon launching, the application will instantly show the different file locations of the hard disk which includes main storage devices, partitions, and even lost ones. From here, users can select which storage device will be scanned in case these contain your lost data. The scan also comes with a filter that lets you select the specific file type that you need to look for as to make sure that the searching time will be lessened. It even has an advanced filter in case you need specifications such as file size, file type, and more. Separating this from the main filter makes it easier for users without much knowledge of the computer to still understand how the application works.

Once the application lists out the different files which have been found within the hard drive, the application offers a preview of the file in case it is an image. This makes it easier to sort out the specific pictures you will need as some may not be labelled properly. Aside from this, you can also preview documents and PDFs.

After sorting out the different documents that can be recovered, users can start the process of recovery. After this, users can then save the document in the storage device where it is originally stored or in another one. This process is fast and easy to do which is why the application is very recommendable. If you need more information about the recovery process make sure to read our Easeus data recovery for Mac review.


EaseUS Mac Data Recovery is a very recommendable application because it is capable of recovering data properly for our hard drives, even for external ones. The interface of the application is very streamlined to allow all users to use the application easily. It also comes with affordable pricing.

EaseUS Mac Data Recovery is a tried-and-tested application that is recommended for all users because of its ease of usage along with its effectivity. The application recovers files without damaging it, bringing it to back to its original quality. It can be used for various file types such as for images, videos, documents, and more.


  •  Has a very easy to use interface
  •  Can recover files from both internal and external storage
  •  Recovers files non-destructively
  •  Affordable
  •  Effective in looking for deleted files


  •  None