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Mackeeper Review 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 1, 2021

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A MacBook is a sturdy product that would serve you well as long as it's properly taken care of. But no matter how great a Macbook is, it is still a computer. That means it will deteriorate and it could be infected by malware if you're not careful with it. 

No matter what type of computer and operating system you got, when using a computer, having a backup plan is always a good idea. Just like you should back up your files to another external storage, you should also install a piece of software to complement the onboard security system inside the Macbook.

Mackeeper is the perfect software for that job and more. 

About Mackeeper

Mackeeper is utility software for Apple's macOS. There are various things that it could do but its main function is to clean the system and to optimize the performance of a Mac. Mackeeper supports multiple versions of macOS from the old MacOS 10.9 (Mavericks) to the latest macOS 11 (Big Sur).

Mackeeper has four core functions, which are to clean, to secure, to optimize, and finally to improve the privacy of its user. All of these core functions could further be divided into specific features such as adware cleaner, smart uninstaller, update tracker, and various other features that we'll talk about in the next section.

Throughout its life, Mackeeper has changed ownership several times. Mackeeper was created by Zeobit in 2009 and was then sold to Kromtech Alliance Corp in 2013. During its time with Kromtech Alliance Corp, Mackeeper developed a rather unsavory reputation in the industry and began to lose its brand value. 

In 2019, Clario Tech Limited acquired Mackeeper from Kromtech Alliance Corp. The new parent company seems to try their best to improve both the software and the brand. Under this new umbrella, Mackeeper steadily began to gain back its reputation as one of the best utility software for macOS.

Features of Mackeeper

As I mentioned above, Mackeeper has four main functions. So, I'm going divide this section into four parts and talk about some of the most notable features from each part. 

  • Cleaning. This first part of Mackeeper is dedicated to cleaning. The main focus of this category is to cleanse your system from anything that could cause harm or decrease the performance of your system and at the same time, freeing up storage space from junk files. 
    • Fast cleanup. Mackeeper would clean your system from all kinds of junk files, cache, and any other unneeded files that could take up lots of space in your storage. The speed it takes to clean up a system may vary, but on average, you could expect Mackeeper to finish this part of its job in just around five minutes. 
    • Duplicate finder. Whether on purpose or not, duplicate files and folders may exist within your system and for the most part, it serves no practical purposes. Mackeeper could find all of those duplicate files, even if they have a different name albeit the same content as the original. 
    • Smart uninstaller. Sometimes, unwanted files could also come from an incomplete program removal that leaves unnecessary files behind. Smart uninstaller would find them all and instantly remove them.
  • Security. Although a Mac was built with an ample amount of security features, an additional layer of protection is always a good thing. Mackeeper is the one that would protect your Mac from malware and any other kinds of security threat. 
    • Antivirus. Mackeeper has a sophisticated antivirus that would tirelessly protect your computer 24/7. This real-time protection would detect all kinds of viruses, spyware, ransomware, etc, and it would even protect you from any attempt by a third party to infect your computer.
    • Adware cleaner. In an attempt to make money, lots of developers put annoying ads all over their software. The adware cleaner from Mackeeper would detect and remove any apps that display an unnatural amount of annoying ads from your system.
    • Track my Mac. If you somehow lose your Macbook and not only that you have Mackeeper installed, but you also have "Track my Mac" features turned on, then all is not lost. With this feature, you could track the whereabouts of your Mac and lock your system remotely. 
  • Privacy. Identity theft has been happening more frequently lately and anybody could fall victim to this vicious crime. Mackeeper realizes the need to have robust features with the sole purpose of keeping its user's privacy intact and protected. And that's where these new and improved features came from.
    • ID theft guard. This is one of the latest privacy features from Mackeeper. ID theft guard would keep your identity safe and protected so that you can browse the internet with peace of mind. ID theft guard would keep your name, email address, and your other personal information secured 24/7. 
    • StopAd. This is the other new privacy feature from Mackeeper. If the aforementioned adware cleaner protects you from ads in installed apps and software, then "StopAd" would protect you from every annoying ad online. Not only that, but StopAd also can stop and block ad tracking that would unknowingly reside on your computer. 
    • VPN private connect. Mackeeper also has its VPN service to further boost your anonymity, security, and protection online. 
  • Optimization. After your system is cleaned and you are protected from any kinds of security threats, then Mackeeper would find the necessary settings and configuration to both optimize and improve the performance of your computer. 
    • Memory cleaner. Your RAM may be filled with unnecessary programs that run in the background and hog all of your performance. Mackeeper would clean and manage your memory so that you could always have a fast and smooth work machine.
    • Update tracker. Sometimes, a decrease in performance is caused by certain programs or even the system itself that hasn't received the latest performance update. Mackeeper would track and automatically update every essential component on your computer. 

Login items. Have you ever felt that it took longer for your Mac to startup? If you have, that's most likely because there are so many unneeded programs and applications that try to start at the same time as your system. This particular feature is focused on managing your initial apps so that you could experience a much faster startup.

Benefits of using Mackeeper
  • Affordable price. Mackeeper has three kinds of plans. The monthly plan costs $11.96 per month, the yearly plan costs $6.36 per month, and finally, the two years plan costs only $3.96 per month. As you can see, the longer the subscription time that you choose, the lower the price that you should pay each month. No matter how you see it, that is a very inexpensive price for something as powerful as Mackeeper. 

  • Ease-of-use. Upon installing and starting up Mackeeper, you would see all of its features and functions displayed on the front page in a very tidy and clean manner. The user interface was designed in such a way so that every user could easily understand how to use Mackeeper the first time they see it.  

  • Excellent support. If you encounter any problem when using Mackeeper, you could visit their FAQ section to find the answer to your question. But if you want further help, then you could simply contact their support team. You could email them, send a support ticket, and you could even call them.

As you can see, Mackeeper has lots of good things going for them. The four core functions of Mackeeper, security, privacy, cleaning up, and optimization, are some of the most essential features that you certainly need for your Mac. 

There may be other software that could do each of those different parts better, but Mackeeper is the one who puts it all together in one convenient piece of software. Combining all the great features, excellent service, and affordable price, then it's clear why you should get Mackeeper for your Mac.