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Mackeeper Updated Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 14, 2020

Mac products getting a health check


System optimizers can help users maintain the speed of their computers at peak. Aside from this, these applications ensure that software issues will be fixed to maintain your system stability. Although Mac systems have reliable processors that ensure good performance, it still needs to be maintained from time to time especially if the user is prone to installing and uninstalling applications. Lastly, the system must also be free from malicious files such as viruses and spyware to ensure that their security is ensured and that they will have a fast performance.


Who is MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is a system optimizer built for improving Mac performance. The product was released back in 2010. The application has been the subject of controversy after a 2014 lawsuit settlement where they had to pay 2 million for allegedly asking for payment for unneeded fixes in their users’ computers. Back in 2015, a user was also able to get data amounting to 21 GB from their database where user credentials such as passwords and names were contained. Because of these, many people doubt the application’s legitimacy and the safeness of using it. As of 2020, the application continues to improve as to have lesser issues.



One of the main reasons why the application is famous is because of the abundance of features that it provides. With the application, features range from cleanup of files, uninstallers, up to tracking your device and ID theft guard. We do a full Mackeeper review to find out everything this program can do for users' Mac systems.

The first feature is the Safe Cleanup tool which can be used to delete files that are unnecessary. This is because having too much of this can make it harder for the hard drive to process your files, making application load slower. Aside from this, it also inhibits users from being able to download newer files. This tool deletes these from the system.

Next is the duplicate finder which acts similarly with the safe cleanup tool by removing unnecessary copies of documents. This is also for lessening the used space in your computer. Next, the application also has a smart uninstaller which can be used to thoroughly uninstall applications. This is because some of the uninstallers that come directly from the application are not effective in completely deleting its files, leaving behind bits of documents that end up taking unnecessary space. Upon testing, we discovered that the application was able to delete gigabytes of files which is abundant. It also did not delete any vital apps.

The application also has tools for internet security. Through here, users can remove removes viruses from their system. The scanning for this was faster than rival applications, managing to do so in a couple of minutes. We weren’t entirely trustful of the completeness of the scan as we feel that our documents were not thoroughly searched. The application was able to detect and quarantine malicious files within our computer. Another miss with this feature is that it does not mark specific files as safe, making every scan start from scratch. Considering this along with the speed of its scan, it goes to show how shallow the application goes in protecting your computer. We do not recommend this specific feature of the app.

Next, the application has an adware remover which removes applications which trace your activities and checks your preferences as to provide advertisements closer to your preferences. Because of its possible privacy risk, most users would want to get rid of this. This feature of the application was successful in protecting our test computer against files like this.

The application also as an ID Theft guard feature where users can insert their e-mail address. It will then look for it in the list of leaked credentials in recent privacy attacks. It will provide you with precise information regarding the exact data that you need to change. This is a helpful feature which protects you from identity theft.

The application also has a VPN which can be used to hide your IP address online. This grants you anonymity and makes it harder for others to be able to trace your activities. Aside from this, the service also encrypts the data you upload online which makes it almost impossible to decode it in case it is hacked. This service of Mackeeper is reliable and also has no limits on the amount of data that you can upload or download.

The application also has an adblock tool which you can link to your Safari browser. This removes any ads in the websites you visit and also disables pop-up ads from appearing as they can be annoying. Some may even carry malware when accidentally clicked by a user which is why these are avoided by many.

The application also has a memory cleaner which lets you know where your RAM is being used. This gives you an idea about how much of the computer’s memory your applications are using. This lets you know if you should uninstall some as to make your Mac faster. With this feature, users can also free up space within their RAM as to make their speeds better.

The application also has an update tracker which looks for the specific applications which needs to be updated. This may be important for ensuring that they remain stable and free from crashing. This also gives you updates and important bug fixes. Upon testing, we found the feature to be not so accurate in its scan, missing out important updates needed for some of our applications.

Interface review

One of the highlights of the application is its clean interface where users gain access to its streamlined set of features. Upon opening the app, users can start all of the features step-by-step, from the Safe Cleanup up to the Security Tools. Even those who are not that proficient with the computer can easily be familiar with the application because of its innovative design.

Customer service

The application has a 24/7 available live chat support where users can type their specific inquiries. It is very helpful and informative in its answers. The representatives assigned to us were quick in answering our questions and was helpful.

Aside from this, users can also e-mail their concerns directly to them.

They also have an FAQ where users can get guides on how to use the application properly.

MacKeeper is filled with a lot of features aimed at improving user security, computer speed, and more. The application has a simple interface that is easy to navigate through and to use. However, even with the abundance of features, the application fails to totally do its job, often skipping out on a couple of important files, issues, or reports. This, along with its string of issues regarding user privacy, make it hard to recommend the application.

Overall, the application gives a lot of features for their users which range from system stability, memory cleanup, and user security. However, its quantity doesn’t always translate to quality, with some features failing to completely do its job. Aside from this, the application also has a string of issues attached with its name, making it hard for most customers to even test it for free.


  • Has a lot of features ranging from memory cleanup, user privacy, and more
  • Offers a VPN with no data limit
  • Has an adblock tool



  • Has issues related to user privacy
  • Has issues related to accuracy of its features