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Stellar Drive Toolbox Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 15, 2021

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Mac systems are not immune to slow down over time. If you add, remove, change , and continually interact with your system it will eventually get slower. This is because files are moving around, things get misplaced, copies are made and the list goes on and on.

You can manually keep your system running fast by keeping up with best practices. However, you can also do your own oil change on your car. It doesn't make it fun, or even worth your time when there are other options available like Stellar Drive Toolbox. Find out what they offer, and how it makes your system better in our full review.

What is Stellar Drive toolbox?

Stellar Drive Toolbox contains 15 unique tools inside one software, isn’t that amazing? If not for the Stellar Drive Toolbox, Mac computer issues will bother you more than you can imagine. What you’ll experience depends on the tool you use – and it won’t fail your expectations.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. created a set of optimization and maintenance tools. It comes with 15 trusty options especially made for users who want a trouble-free experience with their computer. We recommend the Stellar Drive Toolbox if you want to upgrade the nitty gritty Mac care into something more advanced.

Tools and Features

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. offers both quality and quantity of tools to fix a problem on your computer. As we test the program, we’ve found each tool’s function, and how it can maintain your computer’s normal performance. Let’s take a look at what the Stellar Drive Toolbox can offer.

  • Data Encryptor

Discovering that someone wanders in your personal computer when you’re out is everyone’s fear. You remember about not giving them permission to access restricted files, making you mad. With Stellar Drive Toolbox, you can encrypt any sensitive data as you wish, and keep them away from prying eyes.

  • Drive Clone

Drive Clone is one of the trustiest tools you can use if you want to back up data. No one wants their progress to waste, and so do us. Technically, this tool will not save you from system crashes but rather prevent data loss.

  • Drive DeFrag

Every time we install a new program, temporary files appear now and then. As a consequence, it reduces the drive’s space available, ideally worth it for other applications. While we’re not confident when unneeded files or metadata appears, we’re sure the Drive DeFrag can remove it.

This automatic file detector and removal can outperform any manual action which will cost you more time. Not efficient if you ask us.

  • Mac Wipe

The Mac Wipe in Stellar Drive Toolbox is the standard choice for anonymity and security when using your device. It comes in handy if you want to delete something that recovering will be impossible. Mac Wipe works best as a last resort if you seriously want to keep prying eyes off the bay.

  • Partition Manager

People usually think of a hard drive as a single disk. While this is true, partitioning or splitting the hard drive makes multiple unique drives. You might ask why in the world they are splitting it – it’s because of space management.

Managing many partitions one at a time is extremely overwhelming especially if it’s your first-time using Mac computers. With the Partition Manager, you can oversee all separate drives and track everything. It takes a few clicks away to add, delete, resize, or even format every hard drive partition.

  • Shield

Recover lost files with Shield. No worries about accidental deletion of programs or files – leave it to Stellar Drive Toolbox. All you have to do is capture your Mac’s hard drive image and use it for recovery.

  • Smart Finder

Do you always accidentally misplace programs or important documents on your computer? If you do, we have all been through that awful experience. Finding the presentation last minute before your conference is the worst. With Smart Finder, you can literally search the file you need out of tons of folders in your Mac.

  • Smart Mac Care

When there’s concern on your device’s hardware, then there’s the Smart Mac Care. With this tool, you can instantly access an overview on how your Mac performs and improve it. Not only that, but you can also protect your computer by monitoring the hard disk drive temperature.

  • SpeedUp Mac

As the name says, the SpeedUp Mac boosts your computer’s performance.

  • Volume Optimizer

Volume optimizer is your go-to tool if you need to repair corrupt volumes and fix errors. If you want to go with no delays, the Rebuild option lets you verify while repairing to save time. 

  • Uninstaller

Stellar Drive Toolbox also equips the uninstaller if you can’t find the .exe to remove a particular program.

Although there are still a lot of tools inside the Stellar Drive Toolbox, those are only our favorites. Don’t forget to check out the Benchmark, Disk Editor, Drive Initialize, and Drive Monitor. They’re as useful as any other tools in this compelling software.

Ease of Use

Despite its intimidating interface at first glance, you’ll notice how beginner-friendly it is once you get used to it.  It took a couple of uses to get the feel for it, but once it is all setup it really isn't that hard to use.

System Requirements

Stellar Drive Toolbox needs your Mac computer to have the following specs:

  • Intel G5 or advance
  • 1GB RAM
  • 100mb of extra space
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later

You can get the Stellar Drive Toolbox for as low as $69 for personal uses, and $349, the technician version. It has free access; however, it only lets you analyze your computer and inspect the program’s features. Regardless, buying the program will give you a lifetime license, one year support, and a full refund guarantee.