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Hello fax helps you get rid of your old fax with easy online faxing

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 14, 2020

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Introduction to HelloFax

Tired of looking at a fax machine like the one in the picture? The old relic of long lost time spent hunched over an always broken machine? Don't worry as online faxing has quickly come to replace the need to keep those outdated machines around and your constant lookout for toner levels at bay. Online faxing is the main alternative to the otherwise outdated and expensive traditional faxing machines. This service allows users to integrate office applications and cloud services to their faxing, making storage and document keeping easier. This service also allows users to connect the service to the internet, making their expenses lower. This is because there is no need to constantly maintain the ink levels of the machine, there will be less paper to print, and there is no need to fix the machine whenever it experiences issues. With all of this, online faxing is recommended for all offices.


Who is HelloFax?

HelloFax is an online faxing service founded in 2011. The service is popular because it is one of the very few that offers free faxing. With their service, users can have access to five outgoing faxes per month but are unable to receive incoming ones. For offices that rarely need faxing, this service is most recommended. Aside from this, the application is still recommended if you are planning to purchase their different plans. This is because of the abundance of plans that they offer, its very easy to use interface, and its integration with Google.


Digital Signature Feature

One of the main highlights of HelloFax is their digital signature feature. With this, users can simply store their signature in an online database. Whenever they need to sign a document, they can just copy it as to make everything faster. There will be no need to print the document, sign it, and then scan it again. Surprisingly, only a few online faxing services have this which makes HelloFax even more of a standout brand. This is why when we did our full review of HelloFax it came out as one of the best in the industry.


Google integration

As mentioned above, one of the best features of HelloFax is their integration with Google. With them, you can send your documents using your e-mail simply by attaching at the end of the fax number of the recipient. You can even send documents directly from the Google Docs application. Aside from this, it can work with your current cloud storage applications for you to manage your documents better. It is compatible with OneDrive, DropBox, and more.


Interface review

With HelloFax, users can expect a very simple interface that is easy to navigate through, with its features easily seen and used. To be able to use it, users simply need to sign in their account. You can also a create a team of sender accounts for multiple users to be able to use the service.

Aside from this, connecting the service to your current cloud storage service can be done through the Integrations tool where you will sign in your account for the cloud account.

HelloFax allows users to send an unlimited number of faxes, with a limit of 30 MB for the total storage to be used.

However, the simplicity of the interface may simply be traced to the lack of some important features with the service. First, admins of entire groups cannot see the faxing history of the Team members, making it hard to keep track of documents. Aside from this, users also cannot store known contacts to the service. This means that for every fax, users need to type the full number of their recipients. This may be a dealbreaker for some as it is will take a lot of time for users to do this every time.

Lastly, users are also not given a preview before they can fax which may take more time for others who wants to send by batches and has no time for viewing the files individually.


How much does HelloFax cost?

One of the highlights for HelloFax is their affordable and flexible pricing plans. With them, users can expect abundant page numbers for their Home Office, Professional, and Small Business plans that is enough to last for normal faxing needs. Aside from this, they also offer affordable prices for sending faxes internationally. With them, every country has a coefficient where the pricing will be multiplied to. The good news is that countries such as UK, Spain, and Germany are given the same coefficient as USA, making it cheaper to send faxes to these countries. For those who will send for countries further, they may expect higher coefficients.

Users are also given a 30-day free trial to test out the features of the service.


Customer Support

Currently, HelloFax can be contacted only through e-mail which means that responses can take a day or two to be received. They currently do not have phone support which may be crucial for some who have to send faxes quickly within the day. Even with this, we found their customer support to be very helpful and informative, guiding us with proper answers.

Aside from this, the service also has an online FAQ where users can watch video guides on how to use their features.


A big benefit with doing online faxes is that your documents are given utmost security and privacy. Traditional fax machines have a tendency to have less of this because of the possibility of the document being read by another person. With HelloFax, the faxes that you send will be encrypted to prevent it from being read by any third party who may hack your system. Aside from this, the service has security protocols to ensure that your documents will not be intercepted. They use 256-bit AES encryption for this which is equivalent to military protection. Aside from this, HelloFax ensures its users that it does not take any private information or documents from the person without their consent.


Final Review of HelloFax

It is one of the best choices for those who wants free faxing and is contented with five outbound faxes for them. Aside from this, its digital signature tool is very sought for. The service also has one of the most affordable pricing packages for those who wants more faxing pages. However, there are particular important online faxing features that it lacks which may disappoint some users.

HelloFax is a popular choice because it gives users five free outbound faxes per month which may be more than enough for some. Aside from this, their digital signature is also very helpful in shortening the faxing time. Integration to their service is easy, with users allowed to port their existing numbers. However, the service is missing a couple of features such as a contact list and faxing preview which may disappoint some.

  • Pros
  •  Offers five free outbound faxes per month
  •  Has a digital signature feature
  •  Is integrated to Google applications and cloud services
  •  Allows users to send an unlimited number of faxes (with file size limit)
  •  Has a simple interface


  •  Does not have a contacts tool
  •  Does not have a preview tool