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2020 Review of Restoro

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated November 16, 2020

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Restoro is a malware or Spyware removal and PC repair software designed specifically for Windows. The software provides a quick but thorough diagnosis of your PC and provides strong system optimization, removing malware and spyware then repairing all the damages left behind.  

Restoro Features

With that being said, the software will not only fix your damaged computer system but also run a scan to check for likely PC problems. That will help you deal with the issues before they manifest into serious problems. All these are possible courtesy of the following features;  

System Scan Features 

Restore runs a scan through your PC to give a detailed assessment of your computer hardware scan, stability scan, and security scan. The provider then displays all the issues related to hardware that usually compromiser your PC system. This includes low RAM space and problems with your CPU such as temperature and power. It verifies your PC system space by comparing the current PC RAM space with the global average.  

On the other hand, the security scan will display the information on the existence of Spyware and malware such as viruses, Trojan horses, Worms, among others. It also shows the most common malware execution location.  

Lastly, a stability scan will identify the programs that crash more often and how often they crash. All these scans are free and are initiated immediately when you download the software. This is very important since it will help you view all your computer problems and make an informed decision. 

Database of Healthy and Authentic files 

Restorto is well equipped with more than 25 million up to date files in its database. During the system repair, it compares the system files with the ones in its database, removes and replaces the corrupted, and the missing ones.  In all our reviews Restoro was the only registry cleaner to offer this as a feature, and it was really impressive!

Windows Errors Fixing Feature 

One of the most common symptoms of damaged files is Windows error messages and even a worse scenario, a blue screen of death. If you see your Windows system display these errors more often, start worrying about potential malware or Spyware.  

Gone are the days when you had to use manual error repairs that involved reading through a lengthy manual fix tutorial. If you have tried the manual process, you will have to admit that it requires some level of expertise; a specific knowledge which when you lack, you may end up harming your PC system even more.  

With that being said, Restoro is the remedy to this problem. The software automatically identifies the damaged or corrupted Windows files and replaces them with the healthy and authentic ones from its database files. Once your entire PC system is equipped with healthy and up to date files or components, no longer will you experience Windows error pops or the blue screen of death.  

DLL Files Repairs 

Dynamic Link Library (DLL) damaged or missing files can be caused by several computer problems. Among them, computer memory malfunctions, corrupt registry, faulty hard disk drive as well as software problems due to frequent system installation or uninstallation by users.  

When DLL files are corrupted, Windows programs cannot run properly. For instance, you will experience program start issues and several error messages. You don't have to get worried about that anymore, Restoro can have that fixed in less than an hour.   

It does this by safely replacing the missing files or damaged ones with authentic and healthy ones from its database. That will save you from downloading the individual missing components online as such files may be complemented with insecure components. 

Spyware or Malware Removal 

Your PC is likely to be infected by Spyware such as Browser hijackers, and other potentially unwanted programs as well as malware such as Trojan horse, Worms, among others. These threats usually compromise your computer performance. 

Restoro usually undertakes two important processes to get rid of such threats. The first thing is to deactivate and quarantine the detected threats preventing them from any further damages.  

The next thing is to carry out a PC security scan to identify the location of malware/Spyware and the damages and quarantine the corrupted files. This is aided by the built-in malware removal engine.  

Junk Cleaner 

Restoro junk cleaner helps clean away all the junk files, browsing history, and cookies to create space on your hard drive. Besides, the software will run a scan and notify you about the files that take much space. If the files are not so important, you can delete them and organize your device memory in a better way. 

Compatibility and System Requirement

Restoro is designed for the Windows operating system. As such, it is compatible with all Windows. Besides, the software doesn’t depend on a variety of components to run. You only need to have a strong internet connection and 512 MB RAM and you are good to go. Due to its lightweight nature, it can diagnose and run on most slow or old computers alike.  

Pricing and Plans

Restoro is one of the cheapest system repair software you will find on the market today. Just like most of the system repairs, the scanning process is free. But to initiate the repair process, you will have to purchase their affordable licenses. Their best deal is the unlimited one year license that cost around $39.95.  

 However, if you need more copies, you can obtain two more licenses at $20 per computer. This means that you can protect three devices at a total cost of $59.95.  

The best part, you can purchase the software and give it a try. If you are not pleased within 60 days of trial, you simply uninstall and demand a refund. Thankfully, the company support team is available 24/7. 


No doubt Restoro is a top pick to fix malfunctioning PC systems. You can have your hardware, security, and stability related issues detected and fixed within a very short time. Take advantage of their 60 days money back guarantee and protect your devices for 60 days for free. But with the level of services that they offer, I can't imagine anyone demanding a refund due to dissatisfaction. Please feel free to share with us your experience during the test.