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A guide on how to remove Restoro from your PC

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 30, 2020

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Restoro is a system optimizer known for its features that allow a PC to recover from a virus or malware attack. It can also be used to improve PC performance especially for those that suffer from constant freezing, lagging, and application crashing. Built with a user-friendly interface, it can be used by any user regardless of computer knowledge which makes it a popular choice for a system optimizer. Lastly, it is well known for its online database which contains more than 25,000,000 genuine Windows files which can be used to replace faulty ones in the user’s PCs.

How do I remove Restoro?

In case you do not have a license to use it anymore or you would just like to remove it from your computer, Restoro can easily be uninstalled.

The following are the steps for uninstalling Restoro:

  1. Click the Windows button on the bottom left of the screen
  2. Search ‘Control Panel’ and open it
  3. Under the ‘Programs’ category, click the ‘Uninstall a program’ option. This will open a list of all the applications currently installed in the computer including its size, version, and date of installment.
  4. Look for Restoro and click the ‘Uninstall’ button at the top part of the current Window. This will open Restoro’s uninstall wizard.

The uninstallation process is quick and easy. Users can freely use other applications while this is on-going. 

After this, Restoro will be completely removed from your computer. Any fixes done by its features to your computer will still remain, though. However, users will not be able to do regular maintenance anymore.

Should I remove it from my computer?

Usually, people have doubts about a legitimacy of an application especially for system optimizers. This is because these applications should be given access to the files of the user for scanning purposes. There may be some that are uncomfortable with an application going through their files.

However, Restoro has its own privacy policy and user agreement before being installed. Here, they explain that they do not take any of the user’s private information and sell them to third parties. All it does is to scan the computer for any issues which its features can fix later.

Aside from this, Restoro is also not a virus or a malicious file. It does not corrupt or delete any files from the computer. In fact, it is a system optimizing application which means that it can even help users improve the current performance of their computer. It can also be used to scan and remove viruses and malware for the computer. 

The only reason a user may want to uninstall the application is if they are not satisfied with its feature or its free version. This is because Restoro’s full features for improving the computer’s speed can only be accessed once it is fully licensed. However, it can still do a full scan of the computer’s issues even in its free version which users who can manually fix the PC can take advantage of.

Aside from this, some users may also prefer other system optimizers which might lead to uninstalling Restoro.

What are its features?

Some users may simply uninstall Restoro because they do not know how to navigate through the application and how to maximize its features. Users should take note, though, that they should first purchase a license before they can fully access these. 

These are the different features of Restoro which may encourage some to keep the application in their PCs:

  • The application can improve system stability by replacing corrupted entries and files within the registry using genuine Windows data that comes from its online database which has 25,000,000+ of these
  • It can help users remove viruses, malware, trojans, and other harmful files within the computer by scanning, quarantining, and deleting them from the hard drive
  • The application can decrease frequent freezing and application crashing in the PC
  • It can also be used to see the current condition of the PC’s hardware including its specifications, temperature, and more
  • It can be used to look at the Windows’ registry to look for corrupted files and entries
  • It can decrease the junk files within the PC to allow users to install more applications