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Best Rated Registry cleaners for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 14, 2021

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There are a lot of claims from users that registry cleaners are scamware and for that reason, I conducted a thorough research, tested and selected the top three registry cleaners that you can use to clean your Windows 10 registry without regret. The reviews share my findings in the simplest way possible so that every level of computer user can understand what the products do, and how good they rank in our reviews. So without further delay we look at the best registry cleaners for 2021  .

Let’s jump right in…

Restoro - our top choice

Restoro is designed to work on every window version including windows 10. As long as your computer has more than 512 RAM and high speed and internet access, Restoro will offer you a level of registry repair for Windows 10 that you will not find in other software.

Once downloaded, Restoro detects and addresses all window errors that may otherwise lead to computer freezes, crashes or blue screen of death if not corrected. Its scanning capability is very impressive. It takes as low as 5 minutes to scan over 60,000 objects. The scan can be scheduled and will work automatically without your further intervention.

A complete scanning will display hardware problems like low hard disk speed, low memory, CPU power, and temperature. You will also get to know whether security threats like Viruses, Trojan, Worms, Spyware, and RootKits exist on your PC. Even more, Restoro can identify which of your programs installed on your Windows 10 computer crash more frequently.

The software is very complex and boasts a huge database of over 25 million authentic and up to date files. All the damaged or corrupted files in your Windows 10 registry will be repaired or replaced with the healthy files from its database.

If you have been looking for the best registry Windows 10 repairs that offer the best value for money then Restoro is what you have been looking for. This software offers 3 generous options to its customers. You can buy a license for one-time repair, for a year repair or 3 licenses for three years repair.

1 license for one-time repair only costs $ 27.95, a license for unlimited one year use costs $ 41.95 while 3 licenses for unlimited a year use will cost you $ 58.95 only. This is made even better with the generous money-back guarantee that you can get when you ask for a refund within the first 60 days from purchase.

Downloading the software from their official website is fast and free. Once installed, you can subscribe to run a scan and fix the problem or just run a scan with the free version to see the problems that your computer has. The interface is very straightforward and well organized. All the available features are clearly displayed on the left column such that even a novice will not have a problem operating this software. 

The only problem I encountered with this software was that there is no live chat option. The most reliable method to contact the support team is through email. The responses take around 24 hours to 48 hours which is a bit late in an emergency situation. 

RegClean Pro

RegClean scans, repairs, or replaces Windows 10 registry errors effectively. It is compatible with other Windows and offers phone support as well. The software boasts myriad features, some of which may not be found in cleaners of its category. For instance, it has a registry backup function that enables users to reverse any changes necessary. Despite having numerous features, the interface provides quick description and information for every feature such that even a beginner won't have any trouble using it. 

Downloading and installing this software is hassle-free. The full version is available as soon as the software is installed. Once purchased, the system initiates a scan that will detect all registry errors and fix them making your computer run like it is new. However, you can freely download, install, and run a free version that is limited to scanning, detecting and cleaning only 15 errors.

During our test, the program scanned through thousands of errors within a short time. Scanning and fixing the errors is very easy by just a click on the ‘Start Scan’ and ‘Start Repair’ buttons.

The software has a registry Defragmenter that organizes all registry entries for easier system access. This feature has a similar job to your Windows 10 Disk Defragmenter. With that being said, you can defragment your PC effectively and efficiently without the worry of sacrificing the safety and stability of your computer. This is very crucial as it will help to restore your computer to a much better speed without compromising other programs.

This program also boasts a well-equipped registry backup database comprising authentic and up to date files and tools. These tools and files can be used to restore your system registry to its previous image in case of damages. For instance, if the registry files are deleted or corrupted by a virus, the program will automatically replace the files with its healthy database files during the repairs.

Considering the numerous features and services that you stand to enjoy, RegClean Pro only comes at a generous price of $ 29.95. For that reason, this software stands out among many registry cleaners when looking for the best value for money. 

Advanced SystemCare Pro

lobit’s registry cleaner is one of the most versatile apps you will find in the market today. The software is compatible with all the windows 10, 8, 7, XP and even Windows Vista. Besides, it is lightweight and easy to install. 

This program guarantees 15 additional features on top of what its competitors can offer. No wonder they promise to boost your computer speed by 300%. In essence, it comes with a long list of different utilities that you can use to improve your Windows 10 PC. But do they live to their claim? Read on to find out.

All registry repair programs claim to boost your computer performance with Advanced SystemCare Pro overpromising three times more improvement on your original computer speed. During my test, I noticed that this software just like other top-ranked software does improve the performance of your computer in some areas but not all.

Among its additional features are some amazing tools that you can use to select the app you wish to start with your Windows 10, optimize your computer performance, secure your online browsing, and much more. 

Once installed, it tends to control your PC. This could be a good feature for a beginner since you will have an app that basically runs things on its own. The best part, it is among the few registry repairs that allow you to cover more than one PC. Despite all these, it only goes for an average of $19.95. 

The downside with this software is that lobit doesn't offer live chats. In addition, while the fact that it takes lead among other programs on your computer once installed may be an advantage to a novice, some processes that it runs in the background slows down your computer significantly. For that reason, in as much as this software claims to be improving your computer performance by 300%, it also slows the system down in some areas. All the same, this is one of the best providers you will find in today’s market.


When it comes to picking the best registry cleaners for your PC in 2021, you are always advised to pick your own poison. This literally means that most of these programs are considered to be more harmful to your PC than repairs. For that reason, thorough research that involves reading through the reviews and carrying your own test is very crucial. Thankfully, I have taken the extensive research burden off you and narrowed it down to only the best three registry cleaners for Windows 10. These three cleaners will not only leave the necessary file intact but also provide additional tools to improve your computer performance. Try them out and feel free to share with us your experience.