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Best registry cleaners for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 20, 2020

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One of the things that could often cause your PC performance to drop and frequent system errors are broken registries. But browsing around registries is a dangerous thing, especially if you don't know what you're doing. One wrong choice and you'll brick your system. 

But a registry needs to be cleaned and properly managed. So the best way to do it is by using a specialized registry cleaner program. There are lots of great brands out there and to make things easier for you, here's a selection of the best registry cleaner in the market. 

What to look for in a registry cleaner
  • Compatibility. One of the first and most important thing that you should check before you use any registry cleaner is its compatibility with your operating system. Every iteration of Windows OS has a different registry configuration and thus has to be treated differently. If a registry cleaner is not compatible with your system and you use it anyway, there's a risk that you will permanently damage your computer. Most modern registry cleaners usually compatible with the latest system, but if you use an older operating system, be sure to double-check the compatibility first.  
  • Backup. Before you do anything with your registry, be sure to back up the current configuration first. There may be things that could go wrong after the cleaning procedure, so it's always a good practice to back it all up first so that you could bring it back to its previous configuration if needed. There are registry cleaners out there that have this feature already built-in, so it'll be better if you use this kind of cleaner instead of the regular ones. 
  • Reliability. The reason you want, and need, to use a registry cleaner is to optimize your system. But there are many ways to configure registries, so make sure you use a reliable cleaner that would constantly perform its job without any kinds of hiccups. An unreliable registry cleaner might make things worse for your system. One of the best ways to check the reliability is through customer reviews, so always look for those before you use the software.
  • Ease-of-use. Cleaning registry is a very complex procedure so the user interface of the cleaner must be as simple and as straightforward as possible. That way, everyday people could easily use it without accidentally alter the functions and unintentionally damage the registries.  
  • Best Value. There are free registry cleaners on the internet, but if you want the best and most reliable ones, you have to pay for them. What you want to look for is the one who offers the best value for your money. The one that has the best balance between affordability and functionality. 
  • Technical support. Windows OS would get a regular update that may affect the configuration of the registries. If your registry cleaner is not aware of those updates, then things could turn for the worse when you use it to alter your registry. So, be sure to get a cleaner that always gets regular updates and other technical support from the developers so that you'd always stay on top of things. 
  • Customer support. You might encounter some problems when you use the cleaner, in that case, you'd need to be able to easily contact the customer support so you don't do the wrong thing and makes thing worse for your PC. Other than that, the cleaner also needs to prepare multiple ways for the customer to reach out to the support center and timely responses are also necessary. 
The best registry cleaners for 2021

We have ranked our top rated products from best to... not so best right here. Most of these are brief write ups but we also have complete write ups of the best registry cleaners on the market right now in our registry cleaner section


  • Restoro. Restoro is a Windows utility software with lots of features to repair and optimize your PC. One of those features is the registry cleaner. Restoro is a popular and powerful software with affordable pricing plans and great customer support. With Restoro, you'd get something way better than a simple registry cleaner.  
  • CCleaner. CCleaner is possibly the most well-known brand on this list. They've been in the PC tune-up and utility business for decades and definitely one of the best in the industry. You can either use their fully capable free version or their advance paid subscription. With just $19.95, you get to use the full version of CCleaner for a whole year. That is a bargain.  
  •  WinZip Registry Optimizer. If an outdated user interface is not a problem for you, then WinZip Registry Optimizer is the one with the most value in this list. It has all the important features, it is backed by a reputable name of WinZip, and most importantly, it is a one-time purchase. You pay a flat $29.95 and it is yours for life.  
  • Advanced SystemCare Pro. IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro is a full utility and tune-up application for PC, just like Restoro. Needless to say, SystemCare is great at cleaning the registry and improve the overall performance of your PC. Unfortunately, the developer tries so hard to upsell the customer into other products from IObit, some free while others cost quite a bit of money. It is annoying, to say the least, and I expect to see nothing like it from a paid software. 
  • PC Tune-Up. PC Tune-Up is a PC utility and optimizer from the giant tech company called AVG. And just like other big-name apps in this list like CCleaner and Advanced System Care Pro, PC Tune-Up manage to deliver much more than just a simple registry cleaner. The only downside is the price. For all of the features and the big name behind it, PC Tune-Up also charges a premium price for it. 
  • Ashampoo WinOptimizer. Ashampoo WinOptimizer does a lot of things right, and as a utility software, it could do much more than a simple registry cleaner. Unfortunately, not only that their overall performance is not as good as other big names in this industry, but they also charge a high price for their services.
  • RegClean Pro. RegClean Pro ticks all the right boxes. It has a registry backup function, the scan process is quite comprehensive and fast, and it's also easy to use. Not to mention the price is also affordable. unfortunately, the change to the overall PC performance is barely noticeable. 
  • Registry First Aid. As far as a registry cleaner goes, Registry First Aid manages to do a decent job at it. You'd find all of the features that you'd come to expect from any reputable registry cleaner here. That being said, Registry First aid suffers the same problems as Ashampoo WinOptimizer, standard performance with a steep price.
  • Registry Reviver. Registry Reviver is a good registry cleaner that delivers an equally good result at a very affordable price. But the low price also means that Registry Reviver is low on features. If all you need is a decent registry cleaner and you're on a budget, then Registry Reviver is the perfect choice for you. 
  • Advanced Registry Doctor Pro. Advanced Registry Doctor Pro (ARDP) is an affordable registry cleaner with very strong basic features. You'd get all of your registries needs from ARDP and that is it. Considering the price and the functionality, ARDP could very well be the best one for you. Unfortunately, ARDP is full of bugs and that makes it both annoying and hard to use.