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Does Restoro still work in 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 30, 2020

Installing Restoro


System optimizers are the solution for improving the performance of the computer. These are applications that has a lot of built-in features targeted for computer security, software, and hardware. These vary in terms of brand names and features, but all are aimed towards improvement of the computer.

What is Restoro?

Restoro is an application for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit version which can be used for fixing software issues. The application continuously develops its technology as to be able to fix issues that its users may face.

How does it work?

Restoro is a system optimizer that makes the process of repairing the computer easier by allowing users to do so with only a couple of clicks. Instead of having to manually look at different parts of the computer such as its startup applications, its hardware storage, and more, Restoro scans for all of the issues of the computer and then fixes it itself. The application uses different features that has different purposes to fix. The application is advised to be run at least twice every month to ensure that the computer is always at peak performance.

Is Restoro a Virus?

Because there are a lot of applications online that claim to be able to fix the computer, users may be doubtful of their legitimacy. Its abundance partnered with their aggressive marketing that often comes in the form of pop-ups may be a reason for users to simply avoid these applications.

However, Restoro is an exception for this. The application is a legitimate application which can improve the condition of the computer. First, it is not a virus which can replicate itself and attach itself to your genuine files. It also does not corrupt any of the user’s files or delete them without permission.

Second, the application is not a form of malware. It does not turn the computer into a bitcoin miner which can severely slow down its processes. It is not ransomware, trojan, or any similar files.

Lastly, the application takes good care of the user’s private files. It does not share the user’s files to a third-party nor does it store it in anywhere without the user’s consent. This is why it is safe to allow the application to scan the computer.

How does it improve the computer?

First, Restoro does a full scan of the computer’s issues. It looks at the condition of the different parts of the computer such as the registry, the installed applications, and the hardware. It will look for issues within these and match it to its features to fix it later. The scanning process only takes a couple of minutes to finish.

After this, Restoro will use its various features to fix these. First, it deletes the files that are faulty within the computer and are mostly leftovers from uninstalled applications. This is to free the files in the hard drive and allow the user to download more files.

Aside from unused files, Restoro will also look for important operating system files of Window that are important for ensuring smooth performance that are currently experiencing issues. The mentioned files will be deleted and replace with genuine Windows files. Restoro uses files coming from an online database of millions of files that are safe for the computer. This ensures that the processes of the computer will not be compromised by faulty files. If possible, the application can also simply repair these faulty files within the computer instead of having to download and replace them totally. 

The application can also be used to look at the current status of the hardware. Users will be able to see how much free space is remaining in the hard drive. They will also see the current temperature levels of the computer. This gives the user an idea about how the hardware is handling the applications they install. 

What can users expect after running the application?

Restoro ensures that all of the errors it will scan from the computer will be repaired. This is why after the initial scan and fix, users can expect better system performance.

Specifically, this can come in the form of fewer Windows errors and glitches. Error pop-ups that usually appear whenever trying to open corrupted application will be lessened or totally prevented. Users can also notice that some applications which usually ran with a lot of issues back then will start to be fully functional.

Aside from this, any damages that have resulted from viruses or malware will be fixed. While the application itself is not enough to delete viruses from the PC (users are advised to download a separate antivirus), it can repair any corrupted or infected files within the hard drive. This is especially important after a virus attack.

Finally, the application ensures that the computer will have better system stability. A common symptom of a failing computer system is the Blue Screen of Death or the BSOD which is a fatal error. Users can only recover from this by having to restart the PC and lose all of their unsaved works if it does not have a backup. After using Restoro, users can expect fewer occurrences of this along with less screen freezing and lagging.

Customer Help

To help customers that may be having a hard time navigating through the application, they have made an FAQ available in their website. Here, users can see guides on installing, licensing, and more about the application. Users can look for tips on how to ensure that the PC will have fewer issues. 

From here, users can also submit a customer ticket for specific inquiries which can be answered within two days.