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Easiest to use registry cleaners for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 16, 2021

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Registry cleaners were once a pretty important aspect of keeping your systems registry clean and free of issues. However, as Windows has continued to evolve and do a better job at doing its own cleaning they have become less needed; but they do still have a place when you are suffering from some issues that Windows can't figure out on its own. It is similiar to an all purpose cleaner vs a cleaning agent for one particluar thing, if you need that one thing to be fixed and the all purpose doesn't get the job done then you will need another tool or product. Take a look at our list of best rated registry cleaners for this year.

# 1 Restoro

Restoro – Its registry optimizing tool is effective in solving issues with the registry. It also comes with various features that can improve computer performance. A highlight feature is its online database that contains 25 million Microsoft files which can be used to replace unhealthy ones in the user’s PC.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Comes with a lot of features
  • Has a 60-day money back guarantee
#2 Regclean Pro

Made by Systweak, RegClean Pro has an initial system scanner that can look at all the problems of the PC and its registry and list them out in one comprehensive report. However, when compared to other products, its effects to the computer’s speed was quite minimal. Its highlight is its startup optimizer which can lessen the applications that open along with the computer.

  • Has phone support available
  • Has a startup optimizer


#3 Advanced System Optimizer Pro

It can be easily used by anyone regardless of computer proficiency because of its simple user interface and intuitive controls. Fixing the PC’s software, hardware, registry, and security can be with one simple click once the issues are scanned. Once activated, its full features can be used to dramatically increase the PC’s speed and to address registry issues.

  • Has phone support available
  • Has a startup optimizer


# 4 Registry Reviver

The application is capable of finding almost all of the registry issues within the computer which makes it a good choice. However, it is lacking terms in terms of additional features for improving computer speed which puts it at a lower spot.

  • Can improve PC performance with a couple of clicks
  • Flexible pricing


# 5 CCleaner

It is one of the most known registry cleaning applications with over two billion installations. It can mainly be linked to its effective increase in computer speed for its users. It also comes with other features like junk cleaner, cookie cleaner, and more.

  • Well known in the software market
  • Contains a lot of features for improving computer speed
# 6 PC Tune-up

This application is notable for high level of customizability to match any user preference.  It can easily be used by users of computer proficiency. It can also slightly improve the performance of the computer. 

  • Highly customizable
  • Affordable price
#7 Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Capable of solving over 5,000 issues in our registry cleaner test. However, running the application may cause slower performance for the computer while it is open which may be inconvenient for some. 

  • Has a lot of features
  • Designed minimally


#8 RegistryCleanerKit

Developed by Uniblue, the application only has the straightforward feature of optimizing the registry. It is capable of improving PC performance by about eight percent which might not be that significant. Even so, it is a reliable app that is good for improving system stability.

  • Has a backup tool
  • Affordable pricing