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How are Restoro’s Trustpilot ratings?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 26, 2021

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Having a reliable system optimizer must be a priority for all users who are planning to install one. This is because the main purpose of these applications is to be able to improve system performance with just a couple of clicks. A safe application will be one that does not take any of the user’s files, does its job properly, and can be easily uninstalled when not needed anymore. If the application does not follow one of these, there is a possibility that it is a form of malware or a scam.


Restoro is a system optimizer developed for the Windows operating system. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. With it, users are given abundant features that are aimed for improving system and security issues. It first scans for the different issues faced by the computer, matches them with its different tools, and then starts to repair them. These can be done within a couple of minutes up to an hour at most. Because of this convenience, its quality of repair, and its affordable pricing plans, it is a popular choice for many users, both expert and amateur alike.

What is Trustpilot

TrustPilot is a website that was launched back in 2007. Here, companies can register themselves to be able to receive feedback, reviews, and complaints from their users. They will be given a rating from one to five stars depending on the quality of their service and their feedback. The information about the company included in their pages is their company location, their response to negative feedback, and more. Overall, this website can give consumers an outlet to voice out issues and to be able to get a direct response from the representatives of the product themselves.

How is Restoro’s ratings in TrustPilot?

As of January 2021, Restoro has a positive general score of four out of five stars. Specifically, they have a number score of 3.8. According to the website, it is more than plain voting ratings as it also takes into account the number of the reviews, how long it was posted, and more. This means that it is a more accurate representation of the quality of their service according to its customers. The page of Restoro in the website further explains that they respond fast to complaints of their customers regardless of the rating they give which shows a dedication towards improving customer experience. So overall Restoro has a good rating with TrustPilot.

Is Restoro trustworthy?

A common question about system optimizers is “is it safe for my computer?”. This is a valid question as there are a lot of applications that only claim to be able to fix the computer but are actually malware disguised as a system optimizer. Because of this, users should always be picky about the applications that they download. After all, having malware in the computer can cause it to become slower than ever. This can also lead to corrupted files and applications.

Restoro is a trustworthy application. It can improve the performance of the computer with just a couple of clicks, bring your computer back to peak performance, and improve overall system stability. Users can also remove the application anytime that they will not use it anymore. It does not take any of the private information of the user nor sell it to third parties without their consent. It also does not come with any additional files that users are unaware of. Finally, the application has passed our tests for antivirus and antimalware applications because it is genuine and safe for the computer.

If you are looking for a good system optimizer, we recommend Restoro given its good customer feedback, its reliable features, and the improvement it brought to our computer’s performance.