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Is RegClean Pro a good app to clean your registry?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated January 4, 2021

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If you have a Windows-based device, you know how important the Windows registry is. It is that vital part of your computer that acts like a huge archive where all the important settings are stored. The Windows registry keeps tracks of all the programs installed on your PC and a broken registry can cause a lot of problems in your computer, from errors to crashes, freezes and so on.

Registry cleaning programs are very useful for any Windows PC and they can noticeably improve the performance of your computer.

What can RegClean do for your PC?

RegClean Pro is a renowned registry cleaning app developed by Systweak, a software company that has several popular apps available for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. You might know about other apps they created, such as Advanced System Optimizer, Systweak VPN, Photos Recovery, Advanced Identity Protector, Super PC Care, to name a few.

RegClean is technically a registry cleaning app but it does more than just clean your registry. It also repairs any issues it might find in your registry and it optimizes it. The result is a more stable and improved computer. All it takes is 2 minutes of your time to open the app and let it do its job.

RegClean is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Do you have to pay for RegClean?

RegClean comes in two versions: you can download the program for free and use it with its limitations or you can purchase a license and register the product, which upgrades you to RegClean Pro, the full version of the app. The latter gives you access to all the features of the program.

The free version of RegClean is a good starting point. You can safely download it from their website and install it on your device, open it, test the interface and run free scans of your device. You can also repair a maximum of 15 registry entries with the free version. If the app convinces you, you can purchase a license and get the Pro version.

RegClean Pro comes with annual licenses that are currently priced at $39.95 per license. In this price, you also receive a lifetime license for PhotoStudio v2.1. This is a useful software developed by Systweak, that lets you create slideshows and presentations, add visual effects to images, capture images from any device, capture images of desktop or apps and more.

How does RegClean Pro work?

Once you enter the license key you get by email, RegClean Pro will be activated and all the features of the app will be unlocked and accessible to you.

The interface of the program is straightforward and easy to grasp, even if you are not that knowledgeable when it comes to computers.

The five main tabs are Status, Scan Registry, Defrag Registry, Backup Registry and Settings.

The first action that RegClean has to take is to scan your registry to identify all the issues that need to be addressed, whether they are user related issues or system ones. The app will identify all the invalid entries and repair them so that you can get rid of frustrating crashes, BSODs (blue screens of death) and errors. Using the app will also help you improve system response time.

From the Settings option, you can schedule scans (daily, weekly or monthly), including customized scans of certain areas, and you can also create exclusion lists. These are lists of items that you don’t want to be scanned by RegClean.

If necessary, RegClean will also defragment the registry to declutter the Windows registry and reorganize it.

Before making any changes, RegClean will create a registry backup, which means you get full “Undo” functionality, just in case it is needed.

RegClean Pro is great for several reasons: it is affordable, easy to use and complex in features. Using the app on a regular basis will make your system faster, more stable and clutter-free.