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Is Reimage worth the cost of the license and what does it do for your system?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 21, 2021

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We tend to use our computer however we want and neglect one of the most important things that we have to do as PC users, which is conducting proper maintenance. As a result, our computer begins to display signs of decline in performance. 

After that, the computer will begin to lag a little bit which inevitably leads to occasional freezing. And finally the blue screen death happened. That's when we finally realized that things could've been prevented if only we took the time to properly take care of our system.

But that doesn't mean the end of your PC. There are ways that you can take in order to nurse it back to health. One of the most popular options taken by regular users and experts alike is by using Reimage. This article will tell you all you need to know about it.

What is Reimage

Reimage is a system repair and optimization tool that was specifically designed for computers that run Windows Operating System. This means that if you're a MacOS user or maybe a Linux user, then Reimage won't be able to help you. 

On the other hand, it means that as long as your PC uses Windows OS, then Reimage gets your back. Because Reimage supports a wide variety of Windows OS. From the archaic Windows XP and all the way to the current version of Windows 10, all of them could run Reimage. 

Reimage was developed in 2007 by a team of independent developers. It has quite a bit of users around that time. But it wasn't until the giant cybersecurity company called Kape Technologies , PLC acquired Reimage in 2014 that it began to gain massive users and earn the top spot in the industry.

The features of Reimage
  • Deep scans. Reimage has a very powerful deep scans ability that could detect any kind of system error within your PC. How long it takes to scan the whole thing may vary depending on the PC, but it shouldn't be more than a couple of minutes.
  • PC profile. Once the scan process has been properly completed, Reimage will provide you with a very thorough profile of your PC. This profile would then be compared to other similar PCs from the Reimage database in order to get the best configuration for such a system. 
  • System error repair. Based on the result of the scan and the PC report, Reimage will begin the system error repair immediately. It will replace any damaged or corrupted system files and DLLs with the healthy and identical ones from their massive database. 
  • Fixing broken registries. Another cause of problems for your PC is a broken registry. There are lots of things that could mess with your registry entries which in return cause all sorts of problems to your system. Reimage will clean it all up and create a proper entry that suits your PC the most.
  • Disk Cleanup. Unused files, duplicate folders, incomplete program removals, and lots of other things could end up eating up your storage space. This also contributes to your PC's overall decline in performance. Reimage will clear your storage from all of these things so that you can reclaim those precious spaces.
  • Patching security loopholes. Reimage is also capable of detecting any security loopholes through its deep scan process. So when the system repair has been conducted, the next thing that Reimage would do is to patch any security loopholes in your system.
  • Malware Quarantine. Not only security loopholes, Reimage is also capable of finding malware inside your system. While it can't thoroughly remove the malware, Reimage could put it safely in a quarantine. That way, your system would be safe.
  • PC optimization. Finally, when all the repairs have been completed, reimage will initiate the optimization process. It already has the data from its deep scan and also comparable PC configuration from its database. If all the processes run without a hitch, your PC should be able to perform at its peak afterward.
Benefits of using Reimage
  • Easy to use. Reimage was designed with new and inexperienced users in mind. That's why they create the UI to be as intuitive as possible. The same thing with its easy to navigate menus. That way, even those that are not familiar with Reimage could easily use it. 
  • Excellent support. Other than the usual dedicated support team that are available 24/7, Reimage also has a live chat feature on its official homepage. This means that whenever you encounter any problems when using Reimage, you have numerous ways that you can use to get support. 
Is Reimage safe to use

Yes, Reimage is perfectly safe to use. Reimage uses a patented technology in order to save your computer from critical and dangerous errors. And if you regularly use it, it will improve the overall health of your computer even further. 

Not only that, Reimage is also a partner to big and reputable tech companies such as Avira Antivirus, Messenger Live Plus, Micro Center, and other companies that are highly respected in their field. That's why you can trust Reimage to provide the best service for your PC.

How much does a Reimage license cost

How much does a Reimage license cost

Reimage offers three kinds of licenses depending on the kind of support that you need. The first plan cost $29.95 and it is a license for one time support and repair. The second plan cost $39.95 and you get to enjoy one year worth of repair and support with this plan. 

And finally, the third and last plan is priced at $59.95. This is a three license deal for one year worth of unlimited repair and support. As you can see, all three of them are quite affordable. But if you want the best bang for your buck, then I suggest going for the second plan. 

Is a Reimage license worth it

Yes, a Reimage license is certainly worth the cost that you have to pay for it. One thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that every PC will inevitably experience some form of system errors during the course of its lifetime. 

That's why having a powerful tool like Reimage that is specialized in repairing and optimizing your system is very crucial. Not to mention Reimage is also very safe, affordable, and has excellent support. You won't go wrong with Reimage.