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Is Restoro Free

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 30, 2020

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Restoro PC Repair Tool is a system optimizer that is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It is built to be used for improving the performance of computers which have started to become slower and unusable over time. It is equipped with different features such system file optimizers, registry cleaners, and more. The product is very easy to use for all users regardless of their computer knowledge with its easy to use interface and its recognizable icons. The application can be downloaded from their website. Currently, it still does not have a Linux and a Mac version. 

Is Restoro free?

Restoro has a free version which allows users to run the application to do a full scan. This lists out all of the issues that the PC is facing and is causing it to become slower. They also have access to the manual repair of the application. However, users can only start to use its features once it is fully unlocked with a license. This is more recommended as the features allow the users to let the application do all of the repair by itself. This is more recommended if the user does not have much technical knowledge about the PC as trying to fix it manually may result to having more errors.  

Is Restoro Safe?

Nowadays, there are many applications online that claim to be able to boost the performance of the computer and protect it from malicious files. They also usually spam full webpages with their ads and use annoying pop-ups. This can cause some users to entirely be distrustful of these applications. The good news is that Restoro is a safe application. Users are ensured that it will not take any of your private files. It also does not install any virus or malware in the computer. Lastly, it is capable of improving the performance of the PC. 

Aside from this, the application can be uninstalled any time you want using the same process as with any other apps. This proves that it is legitimate and is not harmful in any way for your PC, unlike viruses which might attach itself to your files and duplicate itself. 

How does it work?

Once installed in the computer, the application does a full scan of the computer’s issues. First, it will show you the current condition of your hardware which might help you decide if you need to upgrade some of its parts as to make you capable of using newer applications with higher demands. It can then address each of the issues of the software, targeting the important files used by the operating system. It can either fix the corrupted entries or replace them with genuine ones coming from its online database which contains millions of these.  

What can Restoro fix?

The main issue of the computer that it can fix is mainly the Windows errors that appear while you use the computer. After running the application, users can expect these errors to be lessened or to completely disappear. It can also fix the issues of frequent freezing and lagging. It can also fix the fatal error known as the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD that otherwise can only be solved by restarting the computer and potentially corrupting the applications that were open during that time.  

What can’t it fix? 

Although the application is for improving the speed of the computer, it cannot fix all of its issues. First, it cannot fix issues related to the hardware that is because of its old model or because of some defect. Next, it can not remove viruses or malware from your computer. You would first need to run an anti-virus or anti-malware application for this. After removing these, Restoro can then help the computer to return it back to its peak performance which is vital after an attack from these malicious files as the computer usually becomes very slow after this because of corrupted files.