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RegClean Pro Features

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated May 22, 2020

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RegClean Pro comes from a reputable company called Systweak, which was founded in 1999. RegClean Pro is a software designed to fix and optimize your PC system registry that are usually cluttered with unused or faulty entries. The software contains three important features: Registry scan, Registry backup, and Registry defrag. These features will increase your PC speed and optimize the Windows registry by removing unnecessary files and entries from the previous app configuration giving you security protection with a Backup feature. The company is also offering a free 24-hours trial version if you want to get familiar with all its features. RegClean Pro is compatible with the Windows OS (both 32-bit and 64-bit).


RegClean Pro will help you fix and optimize your PC’s registry by fixing the following issues:

Invalid registry entries – PC registry contains all the information about your PC, including the data that was uninstalled or updated. After a while, the registry becomes cluttered resulting in slow level PC performance. What further complicates this problem is the fact that programs are usually unable to uninstall from the registry all the items they enter. Very often, program updates and installers leave unnecessary fields in the registry, so the registry becomes full of invalid entries, slowing down your PC.

Registry Defrag – Every time you make a change in an app or a file, its size will be enlarged. Unfortunately, if there is not enough free space, the file will be divided into separate parts stored on different parts of the hard drive. This process is called fragmentation. Defragmentation is a process in which parts of a file are moved in such a way as to reduce fragmentation and all parts of each file are located in the same areas on the hard drive for a better PC performance.

Prevent system crash and BSOD – A Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is actually a sign that your PC has encountered a fatal error or malfunction that prevents it from working. One of probably the most common causes of BSOD is applications and programs that a user installs on their PC. The risk is higher if the user downloads the app or program from unreliable sources. RegClean Pro will fix and prevent these types of errors and protect your PC.

Backup Registry – The main purpose is to recover data in the event of data loss, either by accident or data corruption which is a common cause, so it is recommended to do a backup. The secondary purpose of backup is to restore data to the previous configuration. With this feature, RegClean Pro will protect your valuable information from potential loss in case of a virus attack too.

RegClean Pro software is a fast and reliable PC care solution that can help you fix and improve PC performance. The company is offering a free manual repair for up to 15 issues found, but if you want to have the access to all RegClean Pro features, you will need to purchase a license key and significantly improve and protect your PC.