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Registry Cleaner 2021 Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 11, 2021

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The Windows Registry is one of the most important part of your computer. Nearly everything you do on your Windows computer is recorded in your registry. The URLs of the documents you read some minutes a go already have entries somewhere in your registry, along with the one you are reading at the moment.  

However, the more the program, files, or information stored, the more your registry memory is used up, which always lowers your PC performance. For that reason, the registry should have enough space at all times. This space can be created by cleaning out files, programs, or information that are no longer useful.   

In this article, we have highlighted what a registry cleaner is and whether you need it or not. In addition, we have given reviews of the top four Registry Cleaners that you can trust.  

What Is a Registry Cleaner?

 A registry cleaner is a software that you can run to scan the registry of your PC so as to identify the programs/information/files that were previously useful but are no longer needed to be on the registry. Such files are considered junk, and they take a lot of space in your registry, thereby lowering your PC performance for no reason. The program can then be prompted to clean them out.   

What does a Registry Cleaner Do?

A Registry Cleaner does two important things to your Windows registry, scanning for junk files and cleaning. During the scan, the program runs through your registry system to identify programs that are no longer useful, as well as the files that use most of your registry space, among many other issues.  

Once these entries are found, the program sorts them out and display them on your screen. The information is organized or ranked according to their importance. This comes with an option to allow the software to remove some of these entries from the registry automatically.  

Do Windows come with an installed registry cleaner? If you look into your registry before running a cleaning program, it will be as cluttered as your average teenager’s bedroom. Install a top Registry Cleaner and run it to clean your registry. The next thing you will view is a well-arranged and organized file in your registry.   

This proves that while Windows might have registry cleaners installed, they are not as effective as the ones you separately purchase.   

Top 4 Registry Cleaner Reviews

Registries are very delicate and if not cleaned correctly with the right cleaner, your PC will have no better use than being thrown into the bin. Unfortunately, the internet is already awash with adverts for registry cleaning software each claiming to give your registry a good cleanout. As with every product in the crowded market, you may feel overwhelmed by the host of options.   

The good news, we have tested several options you may get in the market today and take the privilege to share with you the top 4 most trustworthy registry cleaners. To help you do your own research, here are some of the factors you may prioritize when selecting the best registry cleaner.   

  • Look for a tool that is verified as virus-free. 
  • The cleaner with automatic backup cleaner. 
  • Choose the one with small file size. 
  • Compatible with different versions of Windows and other operating systems. 
  • Offers a good value for money 


With that being clarified, let’s jump right in...  


Restoro is a PC repair software that is also designed to clean junk from your PC registry as well. It is well equipped with tools and that justify its market pricing. Among the tools is the designated junk cleaning tool that will ultimately help organize your PC registry memory. 

Restoro runs a scan and will display to you the registry programs and the memory they consume. From there, you can prompt it to clear all the junk files and fix any other registry errors.   

Apart from clearing junk files, Restoro will remove malware from their location, keep your registry safe from threats and replace all the damaged registry and other Windows files.  

Even though it is not one of the best-priced Registry Cleaners in the market, it seems affordable to anyone thanks to their different plans. You can have 1 license for one-time use or 1 license for unlimited one-year use at only $27.95 and $41.95 respectively.   

The best deal is their 3 licenses for unlimited 1-year use that is priced at $58.95. So instead of purchasing a single license for each of your three devices, you can clean three device registries with the much cheaper 3 license plan.  


  • Great value for money 
  • Generous 60 days money-back guarantee 
  • Include a free version as one of the plans.  


  • No live chat customer support. 


Advanced SystemCare Pro 

Advanced SystemCare Pro boasts one of the most non-technical user-friendly interfaces making it ideal for non-tech-savvy people. Besides, it comes with more than 15 extra features that you won't find with its competitors and this makes it a more effective program.  

The software runs a scan through your registry displaying all the useless files thereby giving you the opportunity to clean the junk out. With its effective junk cleaner tool, it erases all the junk once prompted.     

It will take only 45.1 MB of your PC storage and is compatible with Windows 10,8, 7, Vista, and XP. Despite all the values, this software comes with three plans, with the best one being a 3-month unlimited 3PC license that costs $49.95. That is almost a 50% discount of the 1PC license that comes at $29.95.   


  • Ideal for non-tech-savvy people 
  • Automatic backup 
  • Single click scan and cleaning. 


  • Has an overwhelming number of features that may be confusing. 
  • Automatically install some unwanted programs. 



Probably you have heard of this software because it is the most widespread Registry Cleaner or repair in the market today. This could largely be attributed to its generous free version that offers a lot of features as well. The free version has recorded more than 2 billion downloads despite being available for only home users. 

However, if you want a more detailed view of their scan and junk cleaning, the paid version is reserved for that. The company standard charges for their premium services are only $ 24.95, but you will have to separately purchase piriform apps like Defraggler  

Thanks to its generous trial period that runs for 14 days, you can run a cleaning test for free and see if it is the best fit for your Windows registry cleanout. You have to do is to ensure you not less than 16 MB disk space and a good internet connection.  


  • Comes with tools for PC maintenance 
  • Automated scan, sweeps, and updates 
  • Most trusted registry cleaner in the market 
  • Great for beginners 
  • Comes with optional backup 
  • Designed for many types of registry errors. 


  • Doesn’t come with a defrag tool 
  • Other programs are automatically installed with the software, but you can deny the permission. 
  • Free version available to only home users. 


RegClean Pro   

This solution will clean, repair, and optimize the Windows registry. The cleaning is made even easier by the fact that you can schedule the program to scan and automatically clean your registry monthly, weekly, or daily.   

I highly recommend this to those who are having less disk space. It will only take 4.6MB of your space. The best part, it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Systweak, the developers, offers the software at $29.95 far below its original price.     


  • It comes with a registry backup that you can set manually so that the changes can roll back quickly. 
  • You can customize scan and schedule cleaning. 
  • Clear all the system notification messages. 


  • Doesn’t have different plans  

Windows registry requires as much maintenance as any other PC system. If not taken care of, it may lower your PC performance, and cause Windows freezes or crashes in the long run. While there are lots you can do to improve your PC performance, running a scan to identify the problem before cleaning is the best option since it enables you to have an informed cleaning approach.   

This should be done by a program that is designed for that job. Among the best ones are these four in this review. They can clean and refresh your Windows registry in just a few clicks. You can take advantage of their money-back guarantee or free trials to give each of them a test.