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Reimage Repair tools updates for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 4, 2021

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Reimage Repair is an advanced PC repair tool that can remove corrupt files and fix damaged/deleted registry and system files. It does that by simply comparing the system files to clean ones in its up to date database, removing and replacing those that are unhealthy or missing. In other words, the software has the ability not only to remove the corrupted files but also to restore the missing and corrupted component and files with healthy ones from its huge repository of spare parts. 

In essence, Reimage acts as a complementary solution to Antiviruses and does not in any way compete with them. More details regarding this technology including features, what it can do to your computer, how to install it, and patency are all discussed in this piece.

What are the Features of Reimage Repairs?

The junk cleaner

Androids, Macs and your PC registry are full of junk files or unnecessary data such as browsing history that fill up the internal memory. Reimage software can monitor and clear all the junk files, caches, and cookies so as to create more space on your drive. Besides, it will expose all the documents or files that take much space on your drive.

The program is unique from many junk cleaners in that it allows you to schedule a weekly cache clean up. That is to say, you can schedule it to monitor your Android apps for a week in order to identify the app that uses resources like space or power most. If some of such apps are not a must-have, you can eliminate them to save on your device space and power usage.

Scanning feature

Reimage Repair does all the preliminary scanning of your system and identifies the source of problems that your computer may have. The best part, the scan can be initiated for free once you install it. This is very important since it helps you check whether your PC issues can be solved by the provider before you ignorantly splash money into its plans.

In essence, the provider will scan and display all your hardware-related issues like PC temperature, power, hard disc speed, and low RAM among others. But even better, you get notified about the sign of malware and location as well as the program that crashes more often.

Viruses and other malware removal 

Unlike many system repair software, Reimage Repair comes with a special built-in feature called Avira AntiVir with which removal of viruses or malware becomes so easy. This feature makes it to be confused with antivirus but as the developers clarify, this program is not an antivirus and does not in any way compete with them. It acts as a complementary solution to antivirus and should be used along with such programs. 

Malware or viruses damaged files/component repair and replacement

The provider repairs the damaged registry components or replaces the system missing files with the healthy ones. This is simply done by monitoring and identifying the corrupt files and quarantining them such that you can sort them out and delete them when necessary. The software then automatically repairs and replaces the damaged components and files with healthy ones from its database. 

 Database of up to date files

As mentioned before, the software has the ability to restore the damaged or missing registry components or files with healthy and authentic ones. These millions of healthy files are stored in their huge database and are updated all the time.

Prices and plans

The program comes with different plans for Mac and Windows. The Windows have two plans, 1 license and 3 licenses both for unlimited one year use. The two plans cost $41.95 and $58.95 respectively.

Mac devices on their end are backed with three plans; 1 and 3 licenses for unlimited one year repair and 1 license for one-time repair. You will have to part with $29.9, $39.95, and $19.95 respectively in order to get either of the plans for your Mac system repairs and technical support.

Customer Support

The company boasts a support team that is ready to hear from their clients and help them solve their problems. With that being said, you can reach out to the company support team through the following channels:

Chat at http// or through their email address; [email protected]. But the quickest way is through a phone call via 1-888-857-0967.

How Do You Install Reimage Repair?

Installing this program is free and involves simple steps. All you have to do is to download it from an official online provider and to be safer, their official website.

From their website homepage, click the ‘Start Download’ button. Once the download is complete, you can access the file by clicking on the arrow that appears at the top. The arrow once clicked will drop an option written ‘File’ just below it. 

Simply double click on the file and immediately you will be prompted to click ‘Yes’ to allow the Reimage to make changes to Windows. Once you allow the program to make changes, a window interface with a message ‘welcome to Reimage repair wizard’ and an ‘Install’ button on the bottom right will appear. 

However, there could be a slight difference in the step depending on the Windows you use. Some will start the scan automatically displaying a cancel option.

If you are only interested in installing the program on your PC, you simply click on the ‘Cancel’ button, and you are done. The software icon will appear on your computer window. You can move it to your preferred storage location.

What Can Reimage Repairs Do for Your System?

Reimage Repairs is basically designed to do two important things to your system; scanning and repair. Scanning begins once the software is installed. It is an automatic process and it is always free, but you can click ‘Cancel’ if you don’t want the software to proceed to scan. On the other hand, the repair process will require that you purchase either of the licenses.

During the scanning, the provider runs through your hardware and system files to analyze all the issues your PC may have. The result is displayed on a window indicating hardware related issues like PC temperature, power, low RAM, low hard disc speed, and PC problems. In addition, it displays signs of malware such as Trojan, viruses, Rootkit, Spyware, Worms as well as deceitful hardware and their location. Not to forget stability scans that help identify programs that crash more often and how frequently they crash.

The repair process involves identifying and quarantining the corrupted files or components, then matching and replacing all the damaged and missing files/components with healthy ones from the provider database. This takes a few minutes and your PC starts running like it is new.

Is Reimage Repair Safe?

The provider only collects technical data that are needed for your computer repairs. As such, any of your personal information that was submitted when purchasing the software is not shared with third parties. Even more, it doesn’t make copies of your files or transmit them to any remote location.  

Reimage software is not malware as some people claim and none of the antiviruses can detect it as a virus. For that reason, once installed, it will not be flogged out even when you run an antivirus.  

All in all, Reimage is a safe computer repair program which is certified by Softpedia. Reimage Ltd Company has a valid digital signature from Symantec (Verisign). Their website is McAfee TRUSTe. The company also assures its users that they have no third party application with their installation. Even more, the provider has been award-winning software ever since it started operating in 2008.

With that being said, this is a 100% safe to use software repairs for your Windows PC. Download, install, and give your PC system a scan for free. Please feel free to share with us your experience during the scan.