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Restoro PC repair software is relatively new on the market, but as you can see on their official website the company has a lot to offer. On, you can find everything you need to know about the software functions, compatibility, installation, or price range. On the upper menu on you can find info about the product, pricing, support, labs (the technology behind the software), and info about the company. Their technology is powered by Reimage Patented Technology and the information about the stability and security features are transparent and available in drop-down menus. 

What is found on

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Home page, you will find support information (available 24/7/365), affiliate, uninstall information, and the section about customer privacy: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Refund Policy. 

Sometimes we don’t notice some important information, but on you can also find certifications, which are very important. McAfee Secure and certified by Norton are two valuable features telling you that Restoro software is safe and reliable. 

It’s really great when the information is transparent and straightforward. You can have a peek into the scanning process and all the features Restoro has to offer. Don’t worry, we will come closer and explain the features in the following paragraphs. 

What is Restoro

Restoro is a PC software optimizer that is a great solution in case you want to save your budget and at the same time quickly and easily fix PC software issues. Above all, it’s so easy: go straight and download the software, the wizard will guide you through the installation process and as a final step in the first section – start the free deep scan report. 

Restoro works by replacing the damaged files with healthy and updated Windows files. The highly skilled team of developers built a huge Microsoft database that consists of 25 million Windows fresh and healthy files that will repair the damage in your PC. 

Restoro will fix bugs related to PC security, stability, and privacy. It can even protect you while using a public Wi-Fi network. 

The company also offers a free trial period and a full money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the final result. The conclusion is – you got nothing to lose. Take a look at the advanced features Restoro has to offer. 

What Restoro can do

The most important functions of Restoro are related to PC stability, security, and privacy. 

PC stability functions are specialized to fix issues like:

  • Damaged DLLs – for faster and improved app function. With this feature your apps won’t crash and your work will not suffer damage due to the sudden app crush.

  • BSOD errors – prevent PC reboot every time if faces a serious system error.

  • Freezing PC error – improved PC graphic card to prevent the app crash.

  • Windows optimization – removing the unnecessary files, app reinstallation and improved memory for faster PC performance.

  • Registry optimization – Restoro will detect and ask to remove duplicated files, broken entries, false connections, and boost PC memory. Vital part of this process is registry defragmentation.

PC security functions will help you stay away from hackers and repair the virus damage:

  • Virus protection – Restoro will repair the damage caused by a virus by replacing the damaged files with healthy Windows files. It’s a perfect and fast way to recover your PC from errors and optimize the operating system.

PC privacy functions will help you secure your private information:

  • Cryptographic feature – often we have to use public Wi-Fi networks that can harm our privacy. These open networks don’t use encrypted connections causing you to be vulnerable. This way it is easier for hackers to attack your PC and endanger your private information, like passwords, credit card numbers, and many more. The Cryptographic feature will protect your PC and offer a suitable solution.  

  • Backup function – With Restoro it is possible to return the system configuration to the previous version. This can be helpful if you accidentally deleted files or apps during the repair process. 

Restoro offers a free trial period and a free deep scan report. You can sign up for a free trial period and once you get a license key you run a deep PC scan. The duration of the PC scan is around 5-10 minutes, but the repair process can last longer, depending on the current PC condition. Software is user-friendly and doesn’t require technical knowledge, you can ask for a full money refund anytime, so why wouldn’t you try. You can even halve the cost because Restoro offers a membership plan for both 1 license per device and up to 3 licenses for three different devices. It’s a great fit for both private and business solutions.