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Restoro Full Review for the new year

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 9, 2021

Fixing a computer with icons in the forefront


The computer naturally slows down over time no matter how careful you are. After all, there are a lot of factors that can affect its performance. Some are the most popular ones including viruses and malware which can be downloaded to your computer if you are not careful with websites and files you visit and download. Some, however, may be too complicated for amateur users including the need to optimize the registry and to ensure that the system files are not corrupted. For the latter requirements, a PC technician is expected to fix these. 

Fortunately, there are system optimizers which are applications that simplify this whole process. These can improve the performance of the computer with just minimal effort from the user, using different features that each has an important function. The use of these applications is not only for amateur users but also those who want to save time in fixing the PC’s issues.  

While there are a lot of system optimizers available in the market, Restoro is one of the best options for all because of its high quality. It is available for all Windows versions from XP, making it easily accessible for many.  


The application is free to download from their websiteThis application gives access to the scanning tool of the application which can detect the different issues of the computer. This is especially helpful if the user is capable of fixing these issues manually. However, to gain full access to the features, users need to purchase a license which can be activated in the application. The latter is most advised if you want an easy way of returning your PC to peak performance without having to do much.  


Upon installation, Restoro does a full scan of the PC’s issues. It will look for the different ones that can currently affect the operating system’s files, your documents, and more. These are usually the culprits for the slower performance. After fully scanning, the application will show the users the current condition of the computer starting with the hardware. Information such as its temperature, model, and remaining space. Users can regularly visit these in case they download applications for them to know how much storage it takes along with how it affects the hardware of the PC. This data can also help them decide if they would want to upgrade their hardware in case they notice that it is insufficient for their apps. 

Restoro is built with a modern interface that prioritizes minimalism. Because of this, its tools can easily be seen. Its features explain the specific actions it does to your computer. Throughout the process of fixing, there are also various helpful descriptions about what the application is currently doing. The application primarily uses a black interface that makes it feel clean and simple.  

The application lists out its different features on its left side. The scanning process includes the PC’s profile, stability, and security. Its results are then listed in the summary where users can see the different issues that are causing the computer to be slower. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes but may be extended in case your computer has a lot of files to scan through.  

After this, the following features will be used: clear faulty files, install fresh files, repair damage, stability check, and security. 

The application first deletes files within the PC that are no longer used and are only taking space. It also deletes those that have already been corrupted and can no longer be fixed. The application then installs fresh ones from its online database which contains millions of genuine Windows files for the computer to become more stable. If still possible, the files will instead be fixed by the application instead of being completely deleted or replaced.  Restoro is very safe for anyone to use on their systems as it automatically does all the work for you.

The application ensures the stability of the computer by checking upon the registry. Windows uses the registry to keep track of the applications currently installed in the PC. However, if you frequently uninstall applications, the entries written here may not be thoroughly deleted by the uninstaller. This can then cause corrupted entries within the registry, which can cause constant freezing and crashes from applications. Restoro can optimize the registry to ensure that only entries from applications currently installed will be listed here.  

After running the application, users can expect a faster performance from the computer. Applications will also load faster and will be less prone to crashing.  

Customer Support 

Primarily, Restoro support its users with the few tips and advices which explain the features of the application while the application is running. If this is insufficient, users can simply visit the FAQ website. From here, users can know more about the different features of the application. It also contains information about pricing and license activation. Aside from this, they can also send a customer ticket which is usually replied to within a day or two. This is for more specific questions. 



Pros and Cons of Restoro


  • Has an interface that is simple and easy to learn 
  • Can improve PC performance with just a couple of clicks 
  • Has friendly pricing plans
  • Has a quick installing and scanning process 
  • Reliable and secure for scanning your private files
  • Has a free version  


  • The included features in the free version are very limited 
Summary of Restoro and its features

Restoro is a recommendable system optimizer that can make the PC return to peak performance with just a couple of clicks. The application comes with features that can fix issues within the software, targeting the registry and the system files. The application is friendly for all users regardless of computer knowledge as seen in its helpful guides for each feature and its simple features. The only problem with it is that its free version is quite limited in terms of usage.