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Restoro PC Repair tool review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 30, 2020

Restoro Repair tool on a laptop


The computer naturally loses its speed as time passes by even with normal usage. This is because of a variety of reasons such as having too much corrupted entries in the registry, problems within the hardware, and the presence of viruses and malware. This can cause the applications you run to become slower and even suffer from constant crashing. Users can also expect more Windows errors to appear, making the computer harder to use. To fix this, a user usually hires a technician who may be more expensive and inconvenient for some.

System optimizers

System optimizers are applications that does the job of technicians with more convenience for its users. These are applications that have a set of features which target different parts of the PC. These applications usually come in different names but always have a purpose of improving the condition of the computer. It is more recommended to be used by those who want to save time in fixing their computers and those who are not that knowledgeable in doing so. With just a couple of clicks from its users, these applications can return the computer back to peak performance and speed.


Restoro PC Repair Tool is our best choice for system optimizers. The application, which is available for Windows XP and above, offers the best clean-up and performance optimization out of all the system optimizers we have reviewed. The application is also a stand-out with its easy interface and its fast fixing of the computer, with users only required to do a couple of clicks for the application to do its job. Aside from this, the app also has an affordable price which matches the quality of their service. Lastly, the application is safe to use for all users and has a reliable privacy policy.

How does it work?

With Restoro, users only need to download, install, and run the application. Once launched, it will start a scan of the computer to look for the different issues that it is currently experiencing. After this, the application reports the current condition of the hardware including the model of its components along with its temperature. This will let users be informed if the slow performance of the computer is because of the hardware and if they need to replace or fix these. The application does not fix issues in relation to this, though.

After scanning, the application will start a full repair of the computer, utilizing its different features to target software issues. The application will look for all the corrupted and damaged files of the operating system and either fix or replace them. If it needs to be replaced, Restoro will download from its online database which contains millions of genuine Windows files. After this, users can expect better system stability. Restoro also optimizes the system registry of the computer which contains vital data about the installed applications. It deletes entries that are no longer needed and fixes those that have been corrupted.

Is Restoro safe?

There are a lot of applications nowadays that are aimed towards improving the performance of the computer. These all have a different set of features and brand names. However, not all of these applications can be considered safe and genuine enough to be installed for the computer. Some are viruses and malware that are pretending to be optimizers. This, along with the abundance of annoying ads online, make it hard for many users to trust these applications. The good news is that Restoro is one of the safe applications which is reliable enough to be used for your computer. Its privacy policy specifically states that it does not take any of your information or sell it to third parties. The application can also easily be uninstalled in case you do not need it anymore as it is not a virus that spreads itself to your files. We think that Restoro is a safe program for pretty much any pc unit at your home. 

What does it not fix?

Although the application is designed for improving the performance of the computer, it can not fix all of the issues that are causing it. For example, as mentioned above, it cannot fix any of the hardware issues that it finds. It can only tell you about the condition of your hardware parts, but it cannot fix this. Aside from this, it also cannot remove any viruses or malware that you may have accidentally downloaded from unsafe websites. However, it can help you in recovering after being attacked by these malicious files by improving system stability and fixing your corrupted files. 

Free version and paid version

Restoro has both a free and a paid version. The free version of the application lets you do a full scan of the computer’s issues. You may also gain access to the manual repair tool that lets you fix the issues that the application was able to scan. However, its features end here. For users to gain access to the features for automatically fixing the computer, they would need to purchase a license and activate it in the application. This is why it is better to purchase a license.

Should you purchase a license?

In general, users are recommended to purchase a license for Restoro. This is because this will give them access to all of its features, making it possible to optimize the computer with just a couple of clicks. Aside from this, the features can also ensure that you will not run into any problems while optimizing the computer which is prone to happen with manual fixing. It is also recommended to let the application do all of the work in case you are not that knowledgeable with the computer. Last, it is better to purchase a license if you want to save time with fixing your computer.