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The best registry cleaners of 2020

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated November 7, 2020

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Looking to find the best registry cleaners on the market right now? We have done all the dirty work so you don't have to keep looking. We look into all the different programs that are out there to optimize and speed up your system and have made a full list of all the programs that are out there.

  1. Restoro – Restoro is an over-all computer optimizing application which means that registry optimizer is one of its many features. This is why there might be some missed corrupted entries as it does its scan. However, it is still reliable for improving the performance of your PC which makes it recommendable.
  2. Advanced SystemCare Pro – Even though the registry cleaner tool is one of the many features of Advanced SystemCare Pro, it still does a good job of removing corrupted files in the registry. The downside with the application that it can take a toll on your system’s memory while it is running which may be inconvenient if you are running other apps.
  3. Registry Reviver – The highlight of this app is its minimal interface which most users will find comfortable to use. It is also useful for scanning all the corrupted entries of our test PC, finding almost 6,000 entries during a single scan which shows a good quality of the app.
  4. WinZip Registry Optimizer – The app uses specialized algorithms to target the registry. It can help make startup time faster and boost the performance of your PC. It also uses a simple user interface. However, users may find that using other apps while WinZip is running may result to a slower speed.
  5. RegClean Pro – Made by Systweak, RegClean Pro is a reliable registry cleaning application that can improve the performance of your PC. Aside from optimizing the registry, it also offers a security feature that reverts the PC settings back to normal in case a malfunction occurs during cleanup. It can also help you manage the background applications that run in your PC. With all of these features and its affordable pricing, RegClean Pro takes the top spot of the list.
  6. CCleaner – CCleaner is one of the most known computer-optimizing application that can clean your PC from junk files and corrupted software entries. Its registry cleaner is also a notable feature although it is not the best when compared to the others in the list. With over two billion downloads for its free version, it is one of the most reputable computer optimizing apps.
  7. Advanced Registry Doctor Pro – It is loaded with a registry cleaner, a defrag tool and a compression feature which is useful for scanning and fixing the registry errors of your PC. Its effect for the computer’s performance was quite minimal, though, in comparison to other apps.
  8. PC Tune-up – This is a registry-optimizing application that is suitable for both expert and amateur PC users. It has an intuitive interface that can guide you through its features and tools. Its speed-optimization for our PC was not remarkable, though, with only a 5% increase.
  9. Ashampoo WinOptimizer – The app boasts up to 30 features which you can use to improve your PC’s performance. Although it did not give the best results in terms of speeding up the PC’s speed, its error scanning feature is still noteworthy.
  10. Registry First Aid – This app has the basics of a registry cleaner including a scan and fix feature. It also comes with a defrag tool and a restore point feature. Compared to the other applications, this one feels a bit lackluster as it has very simple user interface, minimal effect to PC performance, and a lack of customer support.
  11. RegistryCleanerKit – Based on a scan and repair, its effect to the PC is quite minimal with only 8% of a difference after using it. It only has a few features which make it lacking compared to the other applications on the list.

   12. Registry Tuner – The app boasts a good customer interface and simple features that are especially friendly for novice users. Its effect to our test computers was quite lacking compared to the other applications, though.