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What are the best registry cleaners this year?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 30, 2020

The registry is located on the hard drive


The registry of the computer is important for keeping information about the user and the applications currently installed inside it. It is a part of all Windows computers. This is present for all versions, from 95 until Windows 10. Although it is an important part of the computer’s processes, it is often overlooked whenever maintaining the PC. Most users may want to regularly maintain the recycle bin and check the viruses for the computer but rarely checks up on the registry’s health.  

Windows’ Role

Without manual checkup, Windows can still regularly keep the registry up to date in terms of writing data about the applications that are currently installed in the computer. It always updates itself to make way for newer applications. However, its problem mainly lies on its unreliability in terms of cleaning itself from old entries especially if the applications are already uninstalled. Often, uninstalled applications delete their files in the hard drive but fail to remove its entries within the registry. This may cause the computer’s processes to be slower than ever. The user may also receive error messages.  Keep reading to find out what the best registry cleaner for your system is as we have ranked the best of the best programs on the market right now.

Why is it important to maintain the registry?

Maintaining and cleaning the registry are important to ensure that the computer’s processes will always be fast. Aside from this, it is also important to ensure that any type of malware and virus will not cause long-lasting damage to the computer especially if it had damaged the registry. Lastly, hackers who may want to steal the private information from your computer which is usually stored in the registry can be stopped by ensuring that the registry is always cleaned. After all, the information stored here can be personal ones such as your basic info up to your credit info. 

What is a registry cleaner?

A registry cleaner is an application that automatically does the job of cleaning and maintain the registry with only a couple of clicks from the user. Although you can manually do this, amateur users may find it hard to do. There is also a risk of accidentally deleting important entries within the computer or changing the wrong setting. A registry cleaner ensures that any entries from uninstalled applications will be deleted. The computer will also have a better performance once its registry is optimized. It may also have a faster process for starting up as there will be less registry entries to load. 

What are the best registry cleaners?

Here in ReviewFyer, we review registry cleaners and analyze its features, quality of maintaining, and even its pricing. We review each of these applications and look for the best ones using a set of criteria. The following are the registry cleaners that we consider as the best. 


Restoro is a system optimizing application that provides an all-around fix for all of the computer’s issues. Created for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10, the application is recommended for anyone who might be suffering from a slower computer.  

Restoro contains a lot of features which are targeted towards the computer’s hardware, software, and security. Upon installation, the application will first do a full scan to look for the computer’s issues. After this, it will give the user a comprehensive list of problems that the PC is facing. Lastly, it uses its different features as to target these issues and fix them.  

For hardware issues, Restoro can be used to detect the current specifications of the computer along with its temperature. This gives an idea for users whether their hardware can currently handle the number of applications they use. It can also be used for repairing a computer that has been corrupted because of a virus or malware attack.  

Lastly, it can be used for fixing software issues especially the registry. Restoro fixes all issues within the registry along with a full fix of the PC. They currently have a database of millions of Windows files which it can use to replace or repair files that are inside the PC’s operating system. Based on our tests, we discovered that it was able to completely erase traces of uninstalled applications. It was also able to improve the performance of the computer through its registry fixing along with its other features.  

RegClean Pro 

RegClean Pro is a registry optimizer made by Systweak. The application’s main focus is on maintaining the registry but also has additional features as to improve computer performance. First, it has a startup optimizer tool. This can be used to detect which applications open alongside the computer. In case users want to lessen this, the application can show a list of all these applications and allow the user to choose the ones which should open during startup. Having less of these is important to have a faster startup process. 

Its main tool is its registry defrag tool. This is the main tool that can be used for lessening entries that are from uninstalled applications and for reducing clutter within the registry. The application is effective in doing this and is capable of increasing computer performance. With RegClean Pro, users are also allowed to select or deselect certain areas from being optimized by the application if they want to avoid having any issues with it. It is advised to do a full optimization for the registry, though. 

RegClean Pro also has an additional tool which allows users to revert any changes that they have done. This is important in case the fix that was made for the registry ends up making up the computer slower or if it causes a certain application to crash or become corrupted. These additional security measures for RegClean Pro make it one of the best choices as it ensures that the computer will not be totally damaged in case there will be a failure that will happen while maintaining and cleaning the registry. 

Advanced System Care Pro 

Advanced SystemCare Pro is another all-around system optimizing application. The application provides all-around computer repair along with system registry optimization. It is a known app because of its abundant set of features that are very helpful in ensuring the best performance for the PC. Its features range from hardware scans, startup optimizers, virus and malware removal, and registry optimization. 

Advanced System Care Pro works by scanning the PC for issues, reporting these to the user, and then applying its features to fix the issues that it has found. After it has done a full repair of the computer, users can expect less Windows errors and a generally faster performance. 

Its registry optimizer is good for removing entries of uninstalled applications. After using this feature, users can expect fewer occurrences of applications crashing. They can also receive fewer error messages. Lastly, they can expect their computer to be more stable in general. 

The best registry optimizer

For us, the best registry optimizer is Restoro. Its registry optimizer tool, although it isn’t the main focus of the application, is very effective in ensuring that old entries within the registry are deleted. It is also very good for improving system stability and for speeding up the PC’s speed.