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What are the best registry cleaners? Updated for 2020

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated October 18, 2020

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What is a registry cleaner?

Imagine a closet. The place where you keep your entire wardrobe: shirts, pants, fancy outfit, dresses, and the stuff you love. When you buy a new closet, everything fits perfectly. After a while, when you buy new clothes and don’t get rid of the old outfit, something strange and annoying happens – you can’t close the closet. It’s not functioning, it looks bad, and you can’t find your favorite piece of wardrobe.  

It’s the same thing with your PC. When you buy a new one, it goes smoothly. Your PC is not crashing, browsing is a piece of cake, and PC performance is fast and accurate. After a while things change: the memory on PC partitions is full, it takes a lot of time to reboot your PC, and finally, you end up losing valuable information due to a system crash. What can you do to prevent this? It’s quite easy and fast – you need a registry cleaner.  

The PC registry cleaner is your wardrobe. It is the place where you store all your information, installed apps, entries, cached data, and all other tracks of everyday use. Don’t clutter your PC because you will end up losing valuable things and precious time for simple everyday operations 

Take a look at our reviews and find out what are the best registry cleaners. 

Our number 1 pick - Restoro

Restoro registry repair tool has a sophisticated technology behind the software – Reimage Patented Technology. What is really great about Restoro it is the fact that it is completely safe and trusted software because it is Norton secured and McAfee certified. The company offers a free trial period and manual repair feature for free – no need to register, just click the button Continue and you will get your license key. Some of the main features of Restoro are: 

  1. Registry scan and temporary files scan – fixing all the issues found related to duplicated entries, cookies, leftovers from uninstallation, and boost PC memory for smooth functioning. 
  1. Windows errors repair: 
  • BSOD errors  
  • Freezing PC error 
  • Damaged DLLs 
  1. Disk defragmentation  removing the void between the different pieces of the same file and speeding up your PC. 
  1. Virus damage repair – from their secure Microsoft database that consists of 25 million healthy files, Restoro will fix and replace the damaged file with new ones. It’s a privacy and stability feature in one. Their database consists of more than 25 million healthy Windows files that will replace and remove all the damage caused by a virus. Their highly experienced team of developers are constantly improving the database with new features and improved quality files. 
  1. Cryptographic service – stay protected while using an open Wi-Fi network by using an encrypted connection.  
  1. Backup feature – repair your PC with Restoro and use the option to backup the files or apps to its previous configuration. 

Once you download Restoro, you can run a free deep scan report. The final results will have the info about PC stability, security, and safety.  

The software is suitable for the everyday user. There is no need for an IT experience, the process is simple and without any effort you can fix all the PC issues found.  

Restoro registry cleaner is suitable for private and business needs. If you want to lower your monthly price and fix up to 3 devices simultaneously, you have it too. It’s a great deal from the Restoro company 

Regclean Pro - second place in our rankings

RegClean Pro is our second choice when it comes to registry cleaners. The software comes from the Systweak company and it is compatible with Windows users. What we really love about RegClean Pro is that you can run separate PC optimizations. Once you download the software, you can choose between defrag registry optimization, registry scan, and backup registry.  

If you want to fix system-related issues, startup and uninstall leftovers issues, or user-related issues – go for the registry scan feature. Windows registry cleaning will remove and prevent issues like BSOD, Freezing Computer, crash issues. Since these errors are very complicated, it is recommended to use a registry cleaner for fast and accurate result. 

If you’re having problems with overloaded memory, old updates, fragmented files and bad overall app functioning – the solution is the defrag registry feature. 

Protect your apps and files by using a backup feature. You can also schedule a registry cleaning and stay updated.  

With the all above-mentioned features, your PC performance will be improved, stable, and more responsive to your inputs.  

The software is quite easy and simple to use. After all, the software wizard will guide you through the whole repair process.  

The company always takes care to make a convenient offer. That’s why with the RegClean Pro you can also purchase Systweak PhotoStudio v2.1 free of charge in a lifetime free offer. With this offer, RegClean Pro is available as a yearly license for $39.95. The company offers 60-day money-back guarantee.  

Advanced System Care Pro - third place

Advanced System Repair Pro will take care for both software and hardware issues. With their membership plans, it is also suitable for both personal and business use. The software is compatible with Windows OS. Its features are related to PC security, stability, and safety. If you’re having a problem with PC performance, viruses, and privacy Advanced System Repair Pro will help you.  

It is possible to heal the damage caused by a virus by replacing the damaged files with healthy and updated files from the software database. Not only that, their huge database will also fix many different types of Windows errors.  

Behind the Privacy feature lays the Anti-Malware Checkmark Certification for improved detection of virus damage. By protecting and healing the virus damage, the software will ensure that your private information is hidden from the third-party programs.  

The Disk Defragmentation feature is closely related to the Backup feature. If you choose to defragment your registry, there is a security feature allowing you to revert all the changes made in case you deleted something by mistake. It can happen to anyone, right? That’s why this is an important investment.  

If you’re looking for a VPN option, Advanced System Care Pro has it. The Advanced VPN feature will hide your ID location, browsing traces, and keep your PC secure while using a public network. There is also an option to enter geo-restricted websites because your browsing history is completely private, even for your ISP. 

The System Clutter feature will help you clean and improve PC hard disk by removing all the necessary files. PC hard disk can be cluttered after a while causing bad PC performance. As the final result, PC is slow, crashing, and taking much more time to respond to your inputs.   

Once you install the software, you can run a free san report. The software is user-friendly and if you are not completely sure, you can find the installation guide on the official website. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee feature if you’re not satisfied with the service.  

Conclusion - Who is the best registry cleaner for 2020?

In this review, we wanted to list three best registry cleaners for 2020  with the best performances based on our testing. All of the above-mentioned software has satisfied end results, the best PC performances are apparent after Restoro registry cleaner. In a short period of time, Restoro proved that it can fix a various list of PC issues, from registry cleaning to the overall PC performance.  A high score on customer reviews is proving that Restoro protects and serves its customers.  

Besides software performances, we also like that the company is fully transparent. On their official website you can find an FAQ section and Privacy Policy section.  

The scan report is very quick. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes and the repairing process will take around an hour. You just need to remember that it really depends on the current PC condition and that might be the reason if your repair process takes a little bit longer.  

The company made its offer very convenient for users all around the globe. It’s time to remember how it was like when you bought a new PC: when everything was running smoothly. There is no need to buy a new PC, you can still enjoy quality time with your current one. Your work will be done on time, the clients will be satisfied, and above all – you won’t lose your nerves every time you have to reboot your PC because of a sudden system crash.