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What is a Registry cleaner and which one is the best?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 24, 2021

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It is not a secret anymore that you can easily repair your PC software in less than a day. With registry cleaner, you can improve the overall PC performance in less than an hour even if you are not tech-savvy. PC registry gets cluttered after a certain time of use causing slow PC performance and data loss. Today, this is a usual everyday situation for an ordinary user because gathering information while browsing the internet is present more than ever. What can you do?

What is a registry cleaner?

To find out what a registry cleaner is, we need to know what a PC registry is. It is no wonder that for most users this is an abstract term. That is why we need to look at it closer and find a proper analogy. Do you remember childhood when you used to play with marbles in a park with your friends? The dearest memories. These games usually had some basic rules, and the winner would take all the marbles in the end. He would hastily put the marbles in his pockets with so much excitement. Eventually, the pockets would break due to not enough space and too much pressure. The marbles would scatter across the playground and many of them would be lost or broken.  We took a look and found the best registry cleaner for 2021 in our list here. 

The pocket is your PC registry, and the marbles are all the different information you gathered while browsing, downloading, and using your PC on a regular daily basis. Eventually, the operating system would crash due to the registry overload. 

A registry cleaner will help you prevent situations like this and keep your PC stable for a long time.

What does a registry cleaner do?

As we said, the registry cleaner will unload your overloaded PC registry and accelerate the whole PC performance. The real question is how this magic appears? 

Almost every registry cleaner offers a free deep scan of your PC as the first step in this process. The deep scan will show the overall PC condition within the 3 most important sectors: stability, security, and performance. Besides the software information, it will also give you an insight into your PC hardware: drivers, CPU, and many more. After the deep scan, you will get a scan report will the following information included:

  • Invalid registries
  • Faulty files
  • Defragmentation report
  • Virus damage

Invalid registries happen all the time and it will most often cause poor or complete inability to use certain apps. This is most likely to happen when updating an app while older entries remain in the configuration. In most cases, you will not see this, but those outdated drivers will cause the apps to crash.

Faulty files and virus damage are some of the most common situations today. A virus can attack your PC and you will not even notice on the surface. In the background, it will damage your data and give access to your personal information. 

Defragmentation is really a messy thing and it is almost impossible to fix it on your own. PC defragmentation can cause a PC crash like a pile of cards due to the broken registries and entries. 

Registry cleaner has several advanced features to fix all the issues found and repair the following errors:

  • BSOD errors
  • Freezing PC condition
  • Damaged DLLs
  • Virus damage

The repair process depends on the current PC condition, but it is usually repaired within an hour. Companies behind the registry cleaners have sophisticated technology that contains fresh and healthy files that will instantly be replaced with the damaged files. No more crashing reports and PC reboot occasionally. Many kinds of Windows errors will be repaired for improved PC experience while working, browsing, installing, or downloading any kind of content. 

Damaged files, caused by a virus, will be replaced with healthy and fresh Windows files. Protected privacy and secured data are the results. You should also look for a registry cleaner that offers a Backup feature so you can make a copy before the repair process. 


Restoro is a great product on the market and it has been launched in 2018. Regardless of its recent date, Restoro is a final product from Reimage Patented Technology, a reputable PC software company. Restoro is more than a registry cleaner – it will also remove virus threats and replace faulty files with healthy ones from their huge 25 million databases. Restoro will optimize Windows OS to its highest performance and it will send a warning notification to prevent you from dangerous websites. Restoro can also repair your cryptographic service. Free deep scan report is available for all users and free manual repair for up to several issues found. 

Restoro offers 3 types of licenses: one-time repair, unlimited use for 1 year, and 3 licenses for unlimited use for 1 year. It is ideal for both personal and business use because of its advanced features and the possibility to lower your initial costs. 

The company offers a 60-day full money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support.

Regclean Pro

RegClean Pro is a PC repair software developed by a Systweak company. It is available for Windows OS (both 32-bit and 64-bit). It is trusted by AppEsteem and it is Norton secured. By fixing invalid entries and faulty files, RegClean Pro will optimize and accelerate your PC. The reboot process will be much faster and improve the app's launching time. Once the PC registry is optimized and defragmented, overall PC performance will be boosted and accelerated. It offers a full registry backup for guaranteed PC stability. 

Software setup offers you to set a time and time for the deep scan and registry optimization process. It is also convenient to set a multiuser cleaning feature without logging in to each account separately. 

RegClean Pro is available at a one-time license together with Systweak Photostudio v2.1 for photography editing. If you decide to purchase this package, you will also save your initial costs and get additional photography software – because you never know when you will need one. 

Customer support is available via email, but you can also find the FAQ section on their official website. 

Advanced SystemCare Pro

The software represents the Iobit software family and it offers more than 15 advanced features, along with intuitive AI mode. The software will help you with 3 main PC sectors: performance, speed, and security.AI feature drastically improves the scanning process and helps with PC optimization and it is related to the PC performance. Accelerated PC speed can measure by up to 200% once the repair process is finished. Features related to PC speed are not only related to reboot and app functioning, but these features can speed up your browsing up to 300%.

Security features are updated and will help you with phishing emails, malicious links, virus removal, and protection from any third-party programs for data protection. 

Advanced SystemCare Pro is available at a 1-year subscription. In addition, you will also get a Windows Tweak Guide eBook at no cost. The software is available for Windows users and customer support is available 24/7 via a free phone number.

Registry Reviver

With its basic features, Registry Reviver will cover a PC optimization process for quick registry repair. Freezing PC condition will be reduced, and Windows errors minimized for improved PC efficiency. With a friendly user interface, it is amazingly simple to complete the whole repair process. You can choose between many different languages within the software, so you are not limited to English only.  After the deep scan report, you can choose which of the found issues you would like the software to repair. Selected into several different categories, you can easily track the found errors within security and stability sectors. 

The result is satisfactory. More available memory on PC hard drives, improved PC reboot, and protection from PC Windows errors and crashes. Registry Reviver does not offer a virus removal feature. For the best PC performance, it is recommended to install secure anti-virus software. 

The company offers a free trial period, and a license is very convenient for everyone making this software compatible on the market. The customer support is not available online, but there is a FAQ section on their official website, and you can also send an email with your request and their experts contact you on short notice. 


When in panic do not fear or doubt – we offer you a solution. A PC registry cleaner will help you in short notice to remove the dangerous files, suspicious links, and prevent system crashes by freeing up memory space and disc defragmentation. Forget about PC technicians and exceptionally long repairs – now you can repair and optimize your PC within an hour. Very old PCs will be revived, optimized, and accelerated like the new one.

Choose the one that suits you most, set, start, and relax while the magic happens and if you still don't know who to choose take a look at our rankings for the best registry cleaners here