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What is Restoro and what can it do for your computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 11, 2021

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Is there a simple way to answer the question “what is Restoro?” Yes. Everything about Restoro PC optimizer software is easy, simple, yet advanced. If you’re having PC issues like slow performance, system crash, overload memory, or damaged files due to a virus attack, and don’t know where to begin with – Restoro will find a way. Not everyone is tech-savvy and familiar with IT technology, and you know what? Not everyone has to be. There is an easy and fast way to solve almost everything that is wrong with your PC. 

What is Restoro and what can it do?

It seems to us that it was a long time ago when it took us a few days or even weeks to repair a PC because PC services were overloaded with work. Today you don’t have to think about waiting for so long or even paying some huge amount of money to get things done. With Restoro PC optimizer you can save your time and your budget at the same time. 

Restoro PC software repair system appeared on the global market in 2018. But don’t get me wrong – Restoro is a final product powered by Reimage Patented Technology, well-secured and certified Windows repair technology. Reimage has a long and well-known tradition and customer satisfaction since 2007. The company has two main locations: the main headquarter in Douglas, Isle of Men and Tel Aviv, Israel. Their huge Windows database consists of more than 25 million healthy, clean, and updated Windows files that will recover your PC within a few minutes. 

Restoro PC software is McAfee secure and won’t harm your PC upon download. It doesn’t contain viruses, malware and there is no single possibility of any phishing attack. Besides that, Restoro official website is keeping your data safe and private due to SSL/TLS Certificate and it is Norton secured. 

Restoro offers a free software download, free deep scan, and free trial. It’s a win-win position for their customers. The software can be downloaded on their official website. It takes only a couple of minutes, and the software wizard will guide you through the whole process. You have the option to check the automatic PC scan upon the installation or you can manually select the partition you would like to scan. 

The scanning process depends on the current PC condition, but even in the most difficult cases, it shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. Once completed, the scan will show you the following information from three different sectors: 

  1. Security: faulty and damaged files due to a virus attack.
  2. Privacy: detecting any possibility of losing data.
  3. Stability: overload memory, crashing report, registry scan, and temporary folders scan.

Restoro is not anti-virus software that will protect you while browsing online but it sure can repair the damage made by a virus. Restoro database consists of 25 million fresh and up to date Windows files that will automatically replace the damaged files. This process can last up to one hour. Imagine how long it would take if you send your PC to the local PC service. Windows reinstallation would take much more and there is always a risk of losing valuable and private data. With Restoro software you can manually choose what you want to be replaced and the files you want to keep. 

PC stability is an important part of PC maintenance. If PC partitions are overloaded due to cached data, temporary files, invalid data or disabled registry values, your PC will crash. This can result in losing important data or crashing the apps you’re currently using. At the same time, low PC stability can result in longer system reboot and slow performance every time you start an app.

Restoro features

After the deep scan report, the software will ask you to repair the found issues. By optimizing and repairing your PC, Restoro will use the following advanced features:

Windows error repair – a complex PC condition that requires technical knowledge. There are numerous Windows errors that are likely to happen and it would require a lot of time even if you are an IT expert. 

Damaged DLLs repair – for advanced and improved app functionality. Some programs are not properly updated and inner connections are lost causing them to lose track and not work properly. Restoro will find the missing tracks and connect them in short notice. 

BSOD condition repair – When it comes to stability, BSOD can only cause you problems. It only means that your system crashed because it faced some serious condition or error and there is nothing you can do except another PC reboot. 

 Virus damage repair – A virus can be present in our PC without our knowledge. It may cause many different types of errors, infect our privacy and data loss. Restoro will automatically recognize and replace the damaged files with fresh and updated Windows files from their 25 million database. 

Freezing Computer condition repair – A common condition that often happens if you’re using programs that will draw all the power from a PC graphic card. Diagnosing the problem is a starting point and Rstoro will repair the issues and prevent system reboot. 

OS Recovery – Improved overall PC condition by fixing faulty apps, updated passwords, and faster performance without a need to reinstall the whole operating system. 

One of the most important features Restoro software offers is the Backup feature. This feature allows you to retrieve and restore any information and data that was deleted during the process. This means that you can relax and enjoy the process at its fullest. 

How to get Reimage?

Restoro offers a free trial period. In addition, you don’t need to register and leave your personal information to get the free license code. During the trial period, you can test the software and get familiar with its interface. Not all the features will be available during this trial, but it will help you see the outcome and decide between the following licenses:

  • 1 license for one-time repair for $29.95
  • Unlimited use and support for one year for $39.95
  • 3 licenses plus unlimited support for one year for $59.95

The company accepts credit and debit cards and PayPal money transfer. 

What makes Restoro reliable and affordable?

If you pay attention to some other companies within the same industry, you will notice that their offer is not competitive or even secure. Restoro has a transparent policy, 60-days money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer support. The company even offers a full installation guide, free manual repair, and a fully optimized PC guarantee. The company aims to provide the best price for both individuals and business accounts. That’s why they expanded their offer for up to 3 licenses for 3 devices simultaneously. It’s a rare opportunity when you can save your budget and fix the problem at once because security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are the whole Restoro package.  When we looked at all the software in this niche we did a full review of Restoro and felt that it was at the very top of the industry so we highly suggest taking a look at it to see if it helps your system out.