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Who makes Restoro and what can it do for your system?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 18, 2020

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Who created Restoro?

Restoro is an all-in-one PC optimizer that will help you expand the lifespan of your PC. After some time of using a PC, each of us encountered certain problems that slowed down our work and took more time than usual. In the end, it’s not only about the motto that Time is money, but also the fact that things like this require more energy from us in times when we need more patience. Your PC is slowing down because the memory is loaded with cached data from everyday browsing, or it may be exposed to risk due to a virus which in most cases result in personal data being vulnerable or subject of fraud.  

Restoro PC optimizer has been a vital part of Reimage Patented Technology with a long and reputable tradition since 2007. In 2018 the company offered  its users new software that will help you to improve system reboot, prevent system crash and free up the memory causing PC slow performance. Restoro PC software is compatible with Windows users.  

The company headquarters is in the Douglas, Isle of Men, while their highly experienced team of developers is settled in Tel Aviv, Israel. Since 2018 the company has gained a lot of satisfied customers with a proven track of records and a lot of highly acclaimed reviews.  

The company offers a free deep scan report available after you download the Restoro software. The installation takes only a couple of minutes, while the interface is very transparent and easy to use. It’s really 1-click maintenance for a deep scan report. For 1-click maintenance, you will get the information about PC hardware, security level, and stability report. Within the software, you can manually choose which file you want to keep because the software won’t delete anything automatically after the scan is completed. The total amount of time needed for a full deep scan depends on the current condition of your PC, but it is usually between 5-10 minutes – once again, a full-time saver! 

Once detected, the faulty files will be replaced with a new, healthy, and updated Microsoft files for their huge database.  This is why we think that Restoro is a good program to have on your system .

What can Restoro do for your system?

Once the PC scan is completed, the software will show the report containing the information for both software and hardware issues found.  It will include: system information, available memory on PC partition, PC stability and crashing report in the last 4 months, PC security including viruses, malware, and Trojans, registry scan plus temporary folders scan.  

Some of the main features of Restoro software are: 

  • Windows errors repair 
  • BSOD repair 
  • Damaged DLLs 
  • Freezing Computer repair  
  • Virus damage healing 
  • Operating System Recovery 
  • Cryptographic Service 


Restoro company offers a limited free trial after which you can cancel or subscribe to their services. During the free trial period, you will be presented with several, but limited, key features that will help you to see the whole Pc repair process. If you decide to subscribe to a membership, they are offering a 60-day refund policy. If you are satisfied with the end result, you can choose between 3 types of licenses: 

1 License, One Time Repair for $29.95 

Unlimited Use and Support for one year at $39.95 

3 Licenses, Unlimited use for 1 year for $59.95 

As you can see, Restoro offers a convenient possibility for up to 3 licenses for 1 year offering their customers to optimize more devices simultaneously. This feature opens up the opportunity to keep your personal and business PC and personal data protected.  

For any issues or additional questions, customer support is available 24/7. Besides the free scan report, the company offers a free manual repair. After the deep scan report, you can go to their official website and follow the instructions on their Pricing section. For the full privacy option, they are not requesting the registration on their website in order to get the free license key. It’s not an opportunity you see every day, right?  This is why we don't understand why everyone is asking if Restoro is safe or not? The company goes the extra mile to try to make sure all customers are happy, and if they are not there is an easy to use refund request form.

What can't Restoro do for your system?

Restoro will help you in detecting the faulty and damaged files caused by a virus and replace them with healthy ones. We know that by now and the results are truly amazing! But, Restoro software is not an anti-virus program and can’t protect your PC from the virus, malware, or Trojans, it can repair the consequences, but it can’t retrieve the lost data.  

Restoro software is completely safe to download, install, and use for everyday support. This is guaranteed with Symantec SSL Certificate which enables PC security, stability and reliability. Along with this certificate, the software and company’s website is also safe to use because they were tested with McAfee secure site and software. To put it simply, if you download the software it won’t damage your PC because it is free of viruses, malware and phishing attacks.  

Restoro PC software is a true refreshment and novelty on the market since 2018. Given the fact that it is represented and powered by Reimage Patented Technology which optimizes your PC with minimal requirements, saves your time and money, it is completely safe to try it. Keep your PC up to date with maximum speed performance for a better today and greater tomorrows.  Overall the things Restoro can do versus the things it can't do weighs very well on the side of everything it does to help your system. If you need more information about the progam we have done an updated review of Restoro for all the latest information about this program.