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2020 Restoro Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 21, 2020

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There's a lot of things happening in 2020 but if we want to put one event that stood up the most out of the others, it's obviously the Covid19 Pandemic. Apart from its life-threatening nature, there's also its devastating effect on the economy worldwide.  

Countries are in lockdown, companies and small businesses filing bankruptcy, and the rate of unemployment is at an all-time high. Those who are lucky enough to still have their jobs are now forced to work from home. The computer and the internet have now become more important than ever.  

Right now, not only that we need our computer to consistently perform at its best, we also need it to stay healthy. Because if there's anything wrong happened to your computer, then your livelihood could be threatened.  

Since the people from computer repair services couldn't physically come to your house now, it's time to look at other alternatives. It's time to look closely at an online repair service program like Restoro.  

About Restoro

Restoro is a computer repair and optimization program. It is an exclusive program for PC and it supports the current Windows 10 and all the way back to Windows XP. Restoro works by doing deep scans to find anything that goes wrong with your system, presenting the most appropriate fixes for it, and at the same time optimizing your PC.  We have found in numerous rounds of testing that Restoro is safe to use on pretty much any system that has the system requirements needed.

Restoro is a freemium program. It is free to download and you can even use its deep scan capabilities for free. But if you want to do more than that, like fixing and optimizing your system, then you need to purchase Restoro through its official website.  

Restoro was made in 2018 by a team of experts under the parent company of Kape Technologies PLC. Kape is a London-based company that operates in both computer repairs and cybersecurity fields. For its computer repair and optimization part, Kape owned Restoro, Reimage Repairs, Intego for Mac, and several others.  

Kape Technologies captured the attention of people from the cybersecurity space by acquiring a Romania-based cybersecurity company and a giant in the VPN industry, Cyberghost VPN. Kape continues its M&A streak by acquiring other giants such as Zenmate and Private Internet Access in the subsequent years.  

Features of Restoro
  • Deep Scans. When you initialize the scan, Restoro would perform deep scans on your system, your security, and your Hardware. It would look for any damaged or corrupted file systems and DLLs, any potential security threats, and the overall performance of your hardware. The time it takes to finishes these scans may vary depending on your PC configuration, but it would usually take around five minutes for most PC. 
  • Detailed PC Profile. Upon completing the scans, Restoro would build an extensive profile of your PC with detailed pieces of information on your system. This data would then be compared to other profiles from Restoro's database to find the best configuration for your PC. 
  • Fixing damaged/corrupted system files and DLLs. Restoro has a growing database that consists of 25 million system files and DLLs for any possible PC configuration. Using the result of your scans and PC profile, Restoro would replace any missing or damaged system files and DLLs on your computer.  
  • Freeing up disk space. Restoro would also find any unwanted files that usually leftover from unclean removals or updates and get rid of them all, which would effectively freeing up some of your disk space.  
  • Registry optimization. Whenever you install or update something on your computer, the registry would also change. Other than that, malware attack could also change your registry settings. Restoro would refresh and optimize them back to its proper configuration. 
  • System Optimization. All of these fixes and changes, no matter big or small, is done not only to get your computer health back but also to optimize its performance so that it could always run at its peak. 
  • Fixing and preventing system errors. All of the aforementioned actions would also fix any kind of system errors like freezing or even BSoD. If you let Restoro run regularly, it would also prevent such critical errors to happen in the future. 
  • Fixing security loopholes. Whether it was caused by malware attacks or because you simply forgot critical windows security updates, security loopholes could threaten your system. Restoro would identify the root of the issues and instantly fix it. 
  • Protection from Malware. Last but not least, Restoro has an up-to-date database of any potential malware and if any of them are detected during scans, it would immediately put into quarantine.  
Benefits of Restoro
  • Affordable Price. Restoro PC Repair Tool has three kinds of pricing plans for its licenses. A one-time fix for $29.95, an unlimited fix and support for one year for as low as $39.95, and finally the unlimited support that is just like the second plan but for three people instead of one and it goes for $59.95. I recommend you get the second plan because it is by far the best bang for your buck. 
  • Ease-of-Use. Restoro is a very straight forward program. Once you've installed it, you only need to click once to initiate the scans and once again to fix every problem it found. Restoro also has a modern and sleek design aesthetic that makes it easy to navigate all of the menus.  
  • Excellent customer support. Whenever you have questions regarding Restoro you could simply visit their official website and look around their extensive FAQ section. You could also contact them through email and phone calls and they will respond to your queries as soon as possible. 

If your computer is a big part of both your personal and work life, then you need to take better care of it, especially during this pandemic when a repairman won't be able to physically comes to your house if something goes wrong with your computer.  

Restoro made it possible to fix any problems that might occur in your system, keep it healthy, and bring it back to its peak performance. All of that at a very affordable price. I think using Restoro is simply a no-brainer decision for us Windows users.  We rate Restoro very high in our list of best optimizers, so if you would like more information as to the product and services than we have here we suggest you take a read of our Restoro Review and find out everything you need to know.